Looking for a good third leg show...

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Sep 28, 2000
containing Crumbs, Fast cars, First time.

I can offer Boston 2nd show from first leg, or Elevation Arnhem 1 August show.
U2girl, I have the Minneapolis boot with 2 of your three requests, Crumbs and The First Time
Hey, I may have found another source for the shows I'm looking for but thanks for your offer.
U2girl said:
Sniggirb, hope you see this - the Boston show is audio.
:wave: I see it.

I have the audio already I thought a DVD came out and I was gonna crap my pants. Good luck finding what you want.
Well the songs I'm interested in hearing now turned to Fast cars and Stuck in a moment. Anyone have a show with those two they'd like to trade/B&P?
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