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Jul 16, 2000
With the other morally corrupt bootlicking rubes.
I know this forum is hockey town... but we need a thread devoted to the nba's two stellar rookies, lebron james and carmello anthony.

i'll be the first to admit, i didn't believe the hype. i thought both would be good, but i didn't think they could live up to what was expected of them. well... they have. both of 'em. there's obviously still lots of room for improvement in both their games. but so far, so very good.

the thing that's missing in basketball... and the real reason why ratings are down, shooting percentages are down, and overall level of play is down is that players are too one dimensional today. they do one thing... they're either a shooter, a scorer, a passer, a defender or a rebounder. the thing that's been missing is players... guys who do it all. that's what made magic, michael, larry, isiah, and all those other guys in the 80s so great. that has been lacking in today's game, with the exception of tim duncan and jason kidd. all the young kids in the game want to get on sportscenter, want to do streetball and1 mixtape crap moves... it's all style over substance. they don't realize that if you have substance, the style comes natrually.

but now finally... these two teenagers... lebron and carmello... are complete players. they do everything. they see everything. lebron sees the game 2 passes ahead. it's wonderful to watch. sure his jumper needs work, but magic and michael's jumpers were suspect when they first entered the league too. but they worked on it and improved it with time.

hopefully... for the good of the game as a whole. these two young men, lebron and carmello, will become the dominant guys in the nba, marketing wise. leave the iversons, bryants, the pierces, the marburys, the ben wallaces, etc. etc.... all the guys who shoot the ball 30 times to score 30 points... who can only do one thing... who don't realize that if they distribute the ball and get their teammates into spots where they can make shots it will only result in more open shots for them... leave 'em all behind.

give me lebron... give me carmello... give me duncan, dirk and kidd. the nba needs an image makeover, and all the right pieces are in place to do just that. let's only hope david stern sees the same thing.
Seems that all Laker games are televised; home games are on Foxsport Net; we have three of those channels..I watched last weeks Laker-Nugget game in LA and I thought that Carmelo Anthony was holding back, that he wasn't playing to his fullest - last nights game where the Nuggets throttled LA proved me right.

At some point, Carmelo and Kobe became tangled under the basket and both started moving their elbows, it didn't get ugly but both drew a double technical...But, the look on Anthony's face said "let's get it on!

Over the next few minutes, he ate up Kobe like he was standing still. His passing, shooting and gamesmanship took a step up; he finished the night with 20 pts. and 6 assists...this kid is gonna come on during the second half the season and what I like about him is that he's not carrying on with a better than you attitude - he did show Kobe that he can handle him! I wish we could get the Denver games on Fox.! :up:
I've seen LeBron play live a few times this year and all I can say is Wow! He is the real deal.

He controls the game. Simply amazing.
I don't like the hype either.

Where's the love for Nikoloz Tskitishvili?


Headache in a Suitcase said:

i'll be the first to admit, i didn't believe the hype.

I did. I drafted both of them onto my fantasy team, figuring it was worth taking a chance. So far so good! :up:
AvsGirl41 said:
I don't like the hype either.

Where's the love for Nikoloz Tskitishvili?


Gots to agree here. Tskitishvili is gonna be a baller. I love the guy!

About the hype? I love Anthony. I still think he will be better than James(championship experience). However, please don't forget Dwyane Wade. This guy's gonna be good too!
Got Philk? said:
Diane L
You're a Syracuse fan? What do u think of Etan Thomas? I don't know much about him besides him being a hard working big dude.

I haven't watched enough SU hoops to form an opinion...less than one game! I'm working a lot these days, even weekends, so I don't get to watch as much college b-ball as I'd like. My main rooting interest in SU is because it's my old school.
With all the hype surrounding LeBron and Carmelo, the first triple-double by a rookie this season was just recently posted...by none other than Kirk Hinrich.

Lebron officialy wins the rookie of the year... i think they should've split it, but eh... what the hey... lebron had more pressure on him to succeed than carmello, and he met all expectations and then some, and did it with class and respect.

and on a side note, it sure was nice to see someone wearing a suit at an awards presantation... as opposed to allen iverson...


iverson always says he doesn't wear suits because it's not his style. he's right... class has never been his style.
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