Kazaa/Morpheus network to be shut down?

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Jun 29, 2001
I heard that the Kazaa/Morpheus network will be sued by a Polish court if its not shut down within 2 weeks.

Is that true?

Coz, that would be really bad. Only 3 more music videos to go and I'll have all the offical music videos for 90's U2 singles.
Would be good if someone had them for me to download on my speedy 56.6K modem!
It said in the paper it was a Dutch court ordered them to shut down or face fines of $40k a day or something. Ug. I want my downloads! It said they are based in the Neatherlands. There is still imesh, so go to cnet and see what everybody is heading to in the downloads section.
It can't be shut down. That's the issue! It's a decentralized encrypted network not so unlike Gnutella.

My suggestion for all of you is to download the latest Morpheus client from download.com before it gets pulled off, if such a thing is true, because the network can't die. It's a monster that cannot be killed, so free music will always be there.

FYI, Kazaa can bite me. It has at least 3 spyware programs, and if you are savvy enough to remove them, Kazaa won't work. Plus, it's identical to Morpheus, which has no spyware (although it does have banner ads).


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Imesh sucks, bad.

And I don't see how they can shut it down anyway. Since there is no way to get rid of it other than every user to stop using it on their own, it won't happen.
I've become totally reliant on Kazaa to get all my music videos!
It was be awful to go!
my morpheus has being a bitch lately. maybe there's a connection...

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Originally posted by no disk:

don't shit it down!

Do you mean "shut" it down?

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