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Jul 17, 2002
OK, when I post something my smilies are in a little box and not all of them are showing, i have to click on 'get more' to view the rest, but when i do my computer always freezes and dies.

but a few days ago i could see all of my smilies without having to click 'get more'

does anyone know how i could view all my smilies again???
or is that the most stupid question in the world?lol, its alright if ive confused you, i confuse everyone, and myself

well im off to school now
Tis the way of vB. It used to be set up so they were all viewed, but as you have noticed, it is now back in its old format so you have to open the box in a new window to see them all.
I'm not sure why it crashes though.
Very rude of your browser.
I have been writing it in code more and more these days. I do notice a lag (and I think it wants to lock up) on my home machine when I do open up more smilies becuase I can not remember the code.

Don't know what to tell you other than learning the code to avoid this problem. I know of no fix for the problem.
I think it was a lot easier to not have to click to get more.. I set it up that way. But as Elvis noticed I kept adding more and more smilies he said that it was taking too much bandwith and making the page load slower so he changed it back to click to get more.

Sorry. Not my choice. And I dont know why it crashes your browser. That's messed up.

Try going to the FAQ section, then smilies and maybe you can open that page and print it out and just type out the codes. I just type the codes now cuz I'm too lazy to click to get more.
Ok, thanks very much everyone

KhanadaRhodes thats a good idea i'll do that, taa much
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