It's Official.....I'm Drunk!

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Jun 15, 2000
Well ladies and gents....The Edgeman is drunk! Who here has posted under the influence?

BTW this is fun cause the space bar is hard to use here.
Sorry if this offends anyone...just wanted to post something in the offical forum. Could be fun don't you think?

BTW if I left this as it was whenI typed couldn't read it....I had to take my time to type slowly.
I think just about everyone.. lol.

Surprised the similar threads dont show 4 Its Official I'm drunk threads.
Honestly though ... I may be the one person who has never posted drunk.

It's my goal to do so someday ... yes .. i have big dreams!
JessicaAnn said:
Honestly though ... I may be the one person who has never posted drunk.

i've never posted drunk, nor have i ever been drunk :lol: :silent:
This is for you sicy:


Thats me --> :)
I thought it was a touching idea abel :angry: :tongue:

Abel I made you one but yours was huge and I only ever got the hello or able bit in :hmm:
memo to Jessica Ann (and zoney! I am trying to buy his love)

:rolleyes: It says:

:heart: Dear zoney! :heart:

We all love you here but I love you the most.

:heart: zoney :heart:

Io pals: This is even more fun than paint - my tooth is sore

:sexywink: Lara Mullen :sexywink:
I have never posted drunk since I don't drink--anymore. Time was when I did post drunk notes on the Internet, much to my chagrin. I always made an ass out of myself.:reject:
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