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Jul 6, 2000
today I was daydreaming about Opening for elliott smith

he liked my music and then we hung out
and I asked him if I could play on one of his albums and he said
"fuck that, we're collaborating!!"

I think of these things while awake

I also think of having a girlfriend and that makes me sad when I realize the truth of it :)
but it passes the classes
All I ever do is daydream. People can be talking to me and I'll be responding, but then five minutes later ask, "Sorry, did you say something?" :reject:
I?m the daydreamer with the biggest dreams. :yes:

I?m a sinner.

A running sinner with a light that shines in the dark.
i dont usually dream. but the other nite was a exception:

my parents called me. the call display had a strange combination of 0s 1s and then a really long phone number. they had both retired. then they got a loan for precisely 1 million dollars. and then they moved to the middle east to become opium farmers.

i dare someone to tell me what the hell this means---my parents are not middle east living million dollar owing opium farming type people.
Yeah, talk about screwing up... but the second pic is nice (the eye is awful). Makes me dream. Makes me be there. Makes me feel the wind of the sea.
KhanadaRhodes said:
jennifer connelly was in several duran duran videos. :kiss:

jennifer connelly was in several of my dreams :kiss:
I kid you not, I fell in love with her in Labyrinth. Shut up, I was 8 ok??
The book I'm reading is like a trashy romance novel set during a nuclear war. :huh: People are dying all over the place and there's fallout and shit and this chick is all, "Can I make you coffee? And then can we make love?" :rolleyes:

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