it's official #a blank thread is like a blank canvas...

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it's not about what i want to put on the canvas, but what you want to put in the thread :wink:
i call this one 'my rebirth on the sullen moon's pale ghost'
it is a journey into possibility and the chaos of our modern life and that of my womb and how it conflicts with my sensibilities as a goat herder in 14th century nepal during one of my past lives.

i have suffered for my art. i hope you suffer too.


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Salome said:
did it involve flying monkeys?


No it went a bit like this:

I was in some building but everyone in it were people from my year at school and they were passing around photographs of people and this formal picutre of me was handed to me and someone told me to go out with this farmer boy in my class, then I left and a girl was with me who I met a few years back, anyway I made her wear a beret I was wearing and my jacket and told her I needed to pick up my purse and Id meet her outside but when I got outside this man had killed her. He was completely mad and wasnt put in jail and wore the beret as "a tribute to her" I started feeling really guilty and cried and cried because I said if I hadnt have given her the beret he wouldnt have killed her and it was me he was after ---> then in the next part of the dream I was at home (in a very badly decorated living room - it had cream walls but was really really small and had a black marble fireplace and a big xmas tree) and I discovered the man lived at our house and we had to be nice to him and then he tried to knock me down but my Dad waved at him and he sped off in his car ---> one night I couldnt sleep knowing weird murderer was next door and went to my friends house (which in real life is my house) and started crying abuot how guilty i felt and how afraid i was [/end of dream] - then my Mum woke me up this morning because I was crying and shouting all over the house. :uhoh:

"You have strange dreams" - LM friend

I agree :crack:
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That sounds like The Wizard of Oz where the Wicked Witch has her flying monkey army

KhanadaRhodes said:

btw, this thread isn't blank, abel put a period in her post :shifty:

you can't really make a blank thread...ironic ain't it? :shrug:

perhaps i should have put 3 periods...
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