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Mar 4, 2002
rain, rain go away
don't come back another day.

I am sick of this cloudy, rainy weather we've been having. Those stupid meteorologists keep telling us it will be nice. BUT NO! We wake up to cloudy crap every day.

I :heart: rain. We had rain and thunderstorms last night and this morning. It was kinda neat outside earlier, still the dark storm clouds in the distance, but clearing sky to the north. That kinda ominous stormy glow to the sky.

Just as I typed that last sentance, the sun started to come out.
I normally don't mind rain. It's just when it's gloomy out every day it gets a bit old.
well we've just had our 3rd round of storms and are expecting more storms later tonite and tomorrow...and I still :heart: storms :wink:
my power didn't actually go off yet, but there have been scattered power outages in the area, and the lights were flickering like crazy last nite.
I'm not in the midwest but we're having the same weather. It rains everyday. It's cloudy everyday. And it rarely gets above 70 degrees. I have a feeling summer is never really going to happen.:(
Sun during the day and a thunder storm at night. Now, that's nice summer weather. Of course not a strong enough storm to know the power out...just enough for a few rumbles and that smell of ozone.
so, how 'bout them storms???

we just had round 4 of storms...not much rain, but a lotta thunder and lightening. I was taking a nap on the sofa, and the distant, almost constant, rumble of thunder woke me up as it got closer and closer.
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