It's no big deal, it's just -- we have to go away and ... and dream it all up again

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Jun 8, 2000
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Ok... I'd like to know what's wrong with my bootleg of the 12-31 show, "at the eleventh hour".. it's missing the famous speech that Bono supposedly made that night, it just goes from When Love Comes to Town to Love Rescue Me... with no hint of that famous speech that I would rather like to hear. Are lots of bootlegs like this? is mine a dud? what's up? throw me a bone here, people!
I've had that boot for a long time and have never heard it either. :( dunno if it's on a different night or was cut out or what, but I wanna hear it, dammit!
It must be another show if it hasn't shown up on three copies of the same show! Huh, interesting that that wasn't the very last show of the tour when he said that......he just knew it and went ahead and said it.
I'm pretty sure it is a different night from Point Depot. I'm not at home so I can't check. :(
Hey SKeeK...the concert you have on December 31, 1989 is the New Year's Eve concert in Dublin. The December 30, 1989 concert is the "At The Eleventh Hour" show in which Bono says his now infamous speech at the beginning of 'Love Rescue Me'. On my mp3, the speech begins at the 00:19 second and ends at the 1:20 minute into the song. My mp3 has the total time of 'Love Rescue Me' at 7:28.

I have transcribed the speech for those fans who may have never heard it. In the speech, he talks about explaining to people the other night of what he was thinking about in this speech, and I don't know if that was at another show, possibly the December 26th, or 27th show, or maybe it was with a group of friends. I will have to check out those other shows as well. So here you go, enjoy...

"We've had a lot of fun over the last few months, just getting to know the kind of music that we didn't know so much about, and still don't know very much about, but it was fun. Thanks for coming along, it a, it wouldn't have been the same without you. Some people have travelled a long, long way to come here tonight.

This ah, I was explaining to people the other night, but I might have got it a bit wrong, this is just, the end of something for, for U2, and ah, that's why we're playing these concerts. And ah, we're throwing a party for ourselves and you, it's, it's no big deal, its just we have to go away and, and just dream it all up again you see. "

I hope this helps.

Thanks a lot Chris! I goofed.. I meant to put 12-30. My version of Love Rescue Me from it is only 6:18.. I shall have to search for a better one I guess.

Interestingly, the version that u2bloodredsky has is the incomplete one.
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