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chollas :mad:

i know your puppy's pain.

we were walking in the desert once when chelsea grabbed a fallen cholla branch.

those thorns wouldn't come out for anything. the whole chunk was stuck in her palm. i cut the branch from her hand with scissors, but she had to go to the emergency room to have all the needles pulled out. it took over an hour. she was howlin' like the devil, the poor little thing.

we know that damn cholla all too well. :mad:
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Well I didn't see it! These evil kids in Catholic School took a piece of cactus off the teacher's desk and put it on my seat and I sat down and it pricked me :( Thankfully my mom worked as a Pre-K teacher at the school and helped me out LOL...I also stapled my finger once....but that was just my stupidity! :ohmy:
zoney! said: you view the damn threads before you post?

:der: :der: :der: :der:

um thanks zoney, yes i do...the pic didn't show up when i posted yesterday...the computer at work sucks...i couldn't even see your red X yesterday :angry:
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