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Sep 28, 2000
...the thread that had all of the singles' chart success in the US posted - I think it was in this forum. I'm interested in comparing singles from different albums. I'd do the "search" option but I'm not a premium member anymore.

(what is the measure for singles in the US? Billboard top 100 or some other chart?)
:hmm: I found all the singles on Billboard top 200 chart (where BD was 21. and Stuck was 35.), except Elevation and Walk on. Does anyone know how they did?

*edit* also, did William Orbit just do one mix of Electrical storm (the one with keyboards, that was played with the video) or did he also produce the radio - more guitars - version?
And who produced Hands that built America?
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Elevation and Walk On did not chart on the Billboard Hot 100 (the Top 200 is the album chart). I don't know how well they did on the Modern Rock charts.

As for Electrical Storm, William Orbit produced both versions. I don't know by heart who produced Hands..., but the booklet of The Best Of 1990-2000 will surely give the answer.

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