hi everybody!

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Apr 5, 2004
hey @ all,

i'm new on the board! :)

my name is anne, i am 15 years old and i come from germany (that's why my english is not so good! i hope that is not a problem for you? is it? :uhoh: )...

i' ve been a fan of U2 since 1997! but i touched with the greatest band on earth earlier (thanx @ my mom & dad ):D

i started collecting bootlegs one year ago, now i have a nice small collection....
my favorite boots are:

* DANCING ZOO TV , stockholm / 11.6.1992
* POPMART SARAJEVO / 23.09.1997
* SHALOM ISRAEL, tel aviv / 30.09.1997
* WILD HORSES, milano / 22.05.1992 (the best audience i ever heard by a u2 concert - FANTASTIC...i sat there with water in my eyes, LOL)

I also like bands like RAMONES, TRAVIS, COLDPLAY, ALICIA KEYS, NIRVANA, R.E.M., THE CLASH, LITFIBA (that is an italian rock group), many german bands, RHCP and so on.....;) but U2 is the only number ONE:D

I am looking forward to posting here....

SO, nice to meet you!


Hi! :wave:

"AMY" is a Ryan Adams song...it's even in all caps like that. Therefore, you are automatically cool. :wink:

Velkommen, Amy! (Man, I hope I remembered the German word for "welcome" correctly & didn't just insult someone!!!)
Anyway, I'll forgive your English (which is very good, by the way) if you forgive my horrible German! Welcome to Interference - always room for one more fan! :wave:
oh, thank you for the nice welcome greetings! :)
it's nice when people say hello ;-)

@ BluRmGrl

the correctly german word for 'welcome' is WILLKOMMEN, not Velkommen! but it's ok, you forgive me my bad english :D
and it's very nice from you to try to 'speak' german!

thank you for the compliment, that my english is good...is always beautiful to hear :happy: :D



thanx!!!! you're so nice :D

@mr BAW

yeah, it's right! very good :yes: ;)


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