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Apr 13, 2005
san diego
I need help getting tickets for the Mexico City and Monterrey shows.

I have been in 7 concerts this year but I will have to admit I got the tickets from scampers because I am always late or get the news after the shows have been sold out.
What is the best way to get tickets, I want to be in the elipse this time.
U2 keep me alive..... but I am just too damn fool when it comes to buying tickets!! Any suggestions.????
Tickets go on sale Wednesday 14th.
This year has been really hard for me and going to a U2 concert has lifted all that weight off my shoulders but I am affraid I am addicted to their live shows now.......I can't help it, I get nervous and can't sleep thinking about the next concert and being unable to be there.

I am obsessed like a lot of you out there I can't get enough of U2!!!!!
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