Help - need to reset laptop tp last good settings!

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Nov 22, 2004
I have no idea what I did to my work laptop but I cannot connect to the internet. It also has a vpn thing, but I can't get even basic internet connection. I had problems with my personal desktop a while ago and I talked to someone ( I cannot remember who) who told ,e how to go back to the last known good settings. I think this might work for the laptop but I have no clue how to do that.

Also, in case this helps you help me this is what I have on the network & dial up connections page....

( I have highspeed cable btw)

Make new connections
incoming connections
local area connection
local area connection 2
local area connection 5
Virtual Private Connection

Please help, our help desk is not available and I will not be able to work this weekend if I can't get on the the vpn network thing!!
snowbunny, have you tried opening a command prompt and type ipconfig /renew? Maybe you just need to fetch a new IP address.
no....i get a bunch of msgs back saying the different connections have the cable disconnected, but everything is as it always has been cable wise.
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