help me choose who to pull for!

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The Fly
Nov 2, 2002
USA all the way
I have been a Panthers fan since they entire family (both sides) has lived in NC for a couple hundred years....but something is telling me to pull for the Patriots!!!!!! Someone help me!!!!!
the patriots are jackasses

and they like to cheat

so root for the panthers
If they've been your team for years and they finally made the big game, WHY in the hell would you switch sides now?? :crack: How could you? I've heard of fairweather fans ditching their team if they DON'T win, but not if they do! :crazy:

Go for your Panthers! Besides NE just won year before last and Carolina has never been. I'm hoping for them because it's cool to see someone win who's never got it before:)
Go Cats! I hate Bill Belichik (sp?)!

Also, if the Browns can't be there(which they never will in my lifetime) the Panthers would be my second choice. My parents have lived in Charlotte for the last 12 years.
im sure the panthers fans were thinking that 2 years ago when they were 1-15

im sure the browns will be in it soon enough
as a former resident of lexington, kentucky when tim couch reigned as QB, i'm also very much a browns fan. i just wish he wouldn't get injured all the time!
Chizip said:
the patriots are jackasses

and they like to cheat
Are the people in St Louis all still whining about the phantom holding call on Willie McGinest that prevented Tebucky Jones' 99yd fumble return in SB XXXVI. which should have made it 24-3??
People still moan about the "arm going forward" thing too in the AFC Championship 2 years ago that allowed the Pats to kick the winning field goal to beat the Raiders.

Jim Morrison said it best: People are strange.

Go PATS! :wink:
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