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Feb 4, 2005
N Ireland, UK
Hello everyone. I've written a novel entitled 'Hawkmoon 269', a thriller aimed at the general reader but also specifically U2 fans. Here's the synopsis:

"Dublin, Ireland: a Nobel Prize-winning academic is murdered by a weapon that hasn’t been invented yet. Journalist Noah Wilson finds himself the chief suspect in the police investigation, accidentally incriminated by a puzzling reference to an obscure song - Hawkmoon 269. Spirited from custody and striving to stay ahead of relentless pursuit, his only ally, the enigmatic and manipulative Freya Ryan, is determined to protect her organisation’s astonishing secrets at any cost….Meanwhile, the true killer, motivated by a fanatical lust for revenge, intends to commit an unprecedented act of scientific terrorism. She seeks a unique device of unimaginable power, evidence of a conspiracy of silence so far-reaching its exposure could unravel society itself…Finding himself in a deadly race against time, Noah must follow a complex, curiously personalised, trail of clues relating to the music of U2, while the destiny of millions hangs in the balance…"

Sound interesting? I hope so! Want to read it? It's available from the Amazon Kindle Store at the following links:

USA - Hawkmoon 269: Colin Best: Amazon.com: Kindle Store

UK - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hawkmoon-26...8&qid=1368459156&sr=1-1&keywords=hawkmoon+269

If anyone's wondering whether or not it's acceptable to engage in this sort of promotion, I'm doing this with the permission of the site / forum hierarchy. I asked before posting, and was told that it's OK. So, Interference has very generously provided me with this platform, and now it's over to you guys to decide if you want to read my novel.

To anyone who downloads, I thank you sincerely in advance, and hope that you enjoy my work. If you do enjoy the book, please spread the word and let fellow fans know that it's out there. If you don't like it, please note that I won't be returning to monitor this thread, so there's no point in posting any abuse or criticism!
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