Happy Birthday Interference.com - 6 long years ;)

The friendliest place on the web for anyone that follows U2.
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This is such a special place and I'm sure almost every one of the thousands of members would agree. I think Inteference is one of the most active, most friendly, most welcoming and most diverse internet communities and I for one am really happy I found it.

Thank-you so much to Elvis and to all the mods who give up their time to make this place what it is. You're the best :hug:
I wish I could give you money instead of words joel, But they are all I have at the moment.
and Thank You
happy bday Interference
the only place where you can increase your U2-madness and make some new friends
I :heart: Interference.

I remember my first visit being back in 1998, reading up on the band I had loved for such a long time. I was just passing through on the net, never thinking I'd be back 3 years later...

Then, Elevation Detroit came and I was a bigger U2 fan than ever. I found this place and the rest is history. I've made so many wonderful friends here-Sicy, Kristina, Katherine, Noodle, Matt, Carrie, Kat, Jess, etc. (if I didn't list you don't feel bad-you know who you are! :) ) I can honestly say if it wasn't for this place, I never would have seen they boys in Chicago, and never would have had the most memorable night of my life so far when I got Larry's stick. I also never would have acquired so many bootlegs thanks to the kindness of others. :)

Joel, you seriously are a great guy for making this happen. Your hard work is appreciated more than you'll ever know. :up:

Happy Birthday Interference!

Happy birthday Interference :heart:

A long addiction. ;) I'm so glad I found this site. Without it, I would have no idea there were fans as crazy as I am, never be up to date with U2 news, and worst of all -- I would have become a Zootopian. :wink: Kidding, kidding. :p

This is, by far, the best fansite. :hug: to Joel, Sicy, the mods, and everyone else who has helped contribute.
I Love this place with all my heart. A HUGE thank you to Joel, Sicy, and everyone else who works around the clock putting their heart and soul into Interland to make it fun, safe, and the BEST online group of U2 fans in the universe!!!

I've met soo many great people here. Coming to Interference is my favorite hobby. And I love you ALL!!!! :heart: :hug: :kiss: The memories are priceless.

I give to interference......My firstborn son (when I have him.)
Happy Birthday, Interference!

Thank you so much for creating this site, Elvis, and thank you to everyone who puts so much time and effort into ensuring that this is the best U2 site around. :hug:

I've only been here for about a year and a half, but I feel like Interference has really given me so much. I've learned tons about U2 and been exposed to opinions and ideas from people around the world. Thank you to everyone here who makes Interference what it is today!
I'm thankful to have been in contact with some of the most generous and beautiful people I'd probably ever meet. I've always hidden behind the mentality that you can't be inspired and touched by anyone online..always considered it a poor alternative to just opening up your social ranges and meeting new people..but so many here have convinced me its not such a bad way to spend a few hours a day (I'm proud of my willpower :D:p). I don't want to list any names but one person in particular here over the last year or so has contributed so much..ironically..someone I got off on the wrong foot with to begin with~..I am thankful for the open ear she gave me on something I couldn't discuss with anyone else in a non-cyber capacity..even if I may have been a little pretentious at the time it meant a lot and still does..:) also for the beautiful warm heart she has shown so many here in so many different ways..

Thanks Joel

ps. maja..you are in no debt, it was a present :p:D

ps.ps. luv you all...:heart:
Although i know i haven't been the perfect Interferencer ;), thanks so much Joel for creating an amazing community to harbor my U2 madness! As with many, this place has provided me with a lot of fond memories. If nothing else, it has given me much-needed comedy relief. I have come across a full array of characters, from all walks of life...something i've come to appreciate. There's no other U2 site, IMO, that compares to Interference. Thank you, and your "staff", for all of the hard work--it's certainly paid off by the looks of it.

Interference has, oddly enough, played a pivotal role in my life...i suppose indirectly. I won't say exactly how, but believe me, because of it, i am greatly indebted. Maybe one of these days i'll share what i'm referring to in Zoo Confessionals :D ;)

Happy Birthday Interference.com!
This place has changed a bunch since I started coming here. Although my post count doesn't reflect it(over two years since I joined, and still not 1000 posts), I enjoy visiting the forum, and Interference. Great job, Elvis!:yes:
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Happy b'day Interference. :)
I can't really say anything that won't echo everyone else's sentiments... but I'll just add my cheesy words anyway. I wanna thank you so much Elvis, and all you staff members that contribute to the site. Thanks for making this place for us U2 fans to come together.

It amazes me just how many people, from all over the world come together here... It's great! I seriously don't know what I'd do in my spare time without this place. I've made so many friends... people that have been soo kind and generous. The people here have managed to make me laugh, cry, fume, and always come back to that bright blue glow again. (wow, that's some cheese there). I feel as though I've learned so much since I've been here.. not just about U2, but about life, the world, and even myself. It's true! :D And yeah, it's a huge addiction, but I can't think of a better band, or a better group of people, to be addicted to.
Thanks so much!
:heart: :bono: :edge: :adam: :larry: :heart:
happy birthday interference!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

thanks so much to elvis, sicy and everyone who puts in so much time for this wonderful place. you make it the amazing community it is. and thanks to the many incredible people i have met through interference. i :heart: you all. when i first started lurking here i had no intention of actually really ever posting but once i started i was hooked! i've truly enjoyed all the moments i've had here - the sweet ones, the sad ones, the hilarious ones, etc. u2 fans are the most amazing people in the world.

More memories....

Jan 9, 2001 Ananova reports the following:

(please note: u2tour.com is/was part of Interference.com)

Unofficial website 'first' with U2 tour dates

Mystery surrounds a tranche of live dates for U2's upcoming world tour which seem to have been posted prematurely.

Despite the band's official site U2.com claiming no official news announcement would be made until a date later this month - thought to be January 9 - 30 finalised dates have been posted alongside a further 15 other provisional dates on U2tour.com.

The dates include two at the Miami Arena on March 24 and 26, kicking off the tour, as well as many more in cities across North America.

The site also says U2 will play 80 dates in arenas worldwide on the upcoming tour. It gives details of ticket prices, dates for shows in France on July 17 and 18, and calls for feedback from fans on all aspects of the tour.

Although in the past U2 have announced their tours with spectacular press conferences, throughout the campaign for All That You Can't Leave Behind they have used the internet to make important announcements.

Though U2tour.com does not claim to carry official U2 news, it does appear to carry information from official sources, either leaked or not, reports NME.
Lets travel even futher back now...
I'll tell you a little story... and forgive me if I sound like 'I told you so'... the past is the past... shite happens... you learn from it, and better yourself... hopefully.

WAY back when, Interference.com wasnt what it is today.. it was slightly more blurry... I had no problem 'stirring it up'... scandal always seemed to surround the site, how/if we were 'connected', etc...

At the time, WIRE (the u2 mailing list) was the heart of the online u2 community, forums hadnt really been heard of it... needless to say, that at the time it was filled with elitist U2 fans, people that would be so bold as to tear down the Interference.com banner at the first POPMART show(4/25/1997) in Las Vegas (after they had hung their own banner above ours as seen in the pic below). Not very nice.. especially of U2 fans...


Perhaps they weren't so happy that Interference's tag line was:

"sometimes the real data is lost in the cross talk...
where the wire ends...
the interference begins..."

Oh well.. we all act immature at points... and some of us grow up...

Wire, it still exists, but it's part of Interference now.
Funny how things work out isn't it?

To all those that said I couldnt.... ;)
**cass tries really hard to get banned by singing shania twain songs,,,badly

"...look how far you've come now baby.
They said,
I bet
he'll never make it
But just look at him going strong
Still together
still holding on

Couldn't resist man. I did buy that single on my way home from the '98/U2 concert:D
I do not know the Interference.com history, but I can see what a great site it is now and can only begin to imagine what it has been like for you.So yes please, share the stories.

PS: I think it's cool that Interference and my dog, Gustovox were born 2 days apart. I think raising a puppy was the easy job.

Once I felt shrouded in mystery, 'the U2 secret' was known by many, but I felt like I was in a company of one for so many years. Then I stumbled upon this beautiful, sometimes frustrating, community known as Interference, and I realized how many others loved this band, and it made me love them even more than I already had.

Thank you Joel for your passion and devotion to Interference, and for creating a community who shares in that same passion for U2's music. Happy birthday Interference, and here's to many more years of sharing in the music and message that is U2.

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