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Nov 4, 2000
Bono has said this is their first album. Now, chances are, they will not play the whole thing live, but this is the first album where I have been able to pick each song as good live songs. I was not able to do that when ATYCLB came out. Each song has the potential and possibility of being played live because of the creation of the tune.

This being said, since Bono has said this is their first album, what if they play every track from their first album? Not too sure if every track from Boy was played live on the Boy Tour (Axver will have to help me out on this), but still.

So this is the tracklisting I have come up for every song from the album.

1. All Because Of You
2. Vertigo
3. The Fly
4. Gone
5. Until the End of the World
6. Electrical Storm
7. I Will Follow
8. Beautiful Day
9. Miracle Drug

10. Desire
11. A Man and a Woman

12. Original of the Species
13. Hands That Built America ---> One Step Closer*

14. Love and Peace or Else**
15. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own ---> All I Want Is You/Bad/Please***
16. Where The Streets Have No Name
17. Crumbs From Your Table
18. New Year's Day

19. City of Blinding Lights
20. Pride (In the Name of Love)
21. One

22. Yahweh
23. 40

*The tempos of these two songs are close enough where the seque could be seamless, and One Step Closer could be sung in the key of THTBA. Either the first verse/chorus can be song, or the whole thing.

** This would replace Bullet or any other main stage blasting song. The long intro would come out from the ending of One Step Closer.

*** I've found that the guitar lick throughout is reminiscent of that of Bad. Now, to include both Bad and All I Want is You, at 4:41, when the song ends, Edge could do SYCMIOYO riff for a few bars and then cut into the opening of Bad. People will think Bad is going to be played and then you hear Bono sing, "You say, you want, diamonds on a ring of gold" and does one full verse and chorus. Try it, it actually works! Bono then begins to sing "I'm wide awake, I'm wide awake, I'm not sleeping." He then switches over to "If I could, you know I would, if I could, I would let it go. This desperation, dislocation, (etc etc) "while The Edge begins to drop out, and the opening chords, COMPLETE intro from Streets begins to come in. Once Edge is silent, Bono's tempo changes to the chord changes in Streets. He then adds a few "Please....please....get up off your knees....Please....Please...." Finally he shuts up at 1:10 in the song when Adam comes in. House lights go up and Bono does his screaming thing and that's the long version of SYCMIOYO which clocks in around 7-8 minutes.
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Every song from Boy has been played live, but not on the Boy Tour. Shadows And Tall Trees is probably the earliest song that appears on Boy as a demo exists from 1978, and we know it was played at least three times in Ireland on tours that came before Boy (i.e. the 11 O'clock Tick Tock Tour). Every other Boy song was played on the Boy Tour along with 11 O'clock Tick Tock, every single b-side, unreleased songs that later appeared on October, and at least one song that has never been released in any form (Father Is An Elephant). From U2's released material, only two songs were not played on the Boy Tour: Shadows And Tall Trees and Another Day. Another Day appeared on pre-Boy tours like SATT.

The most-played album since then is Achtung Baby, with 11/12 songs being performed full band (So Cruel was done once), then The Joshua Tree with 10/11 and Pop with 10.5/12 songs - 10 full band plus the abridged Wake Up Dead Man. The Joshua Tree would have almost certainly seen 11/11 if it weren't for the singing troubles with RHMT. Indeed, two b-sides from that era appeared live, Spanish Eyes and Silver And Gold.
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OK, now that the information's out of the way, I'll get to the speculation and the real point of this thread.

Will U2 play the whole album live? I believe that it will hit 10.5, with One Step Closer appearing in abridged format. From the Best Of, Electrical Storm will appear full band and THTBA is more likely to be acoustic. However, I do not think the whole album will be played live on the same night, despite the fact U2Fan's setlist is bloody brilliant [LOVE the SYCMIOYO idea]. If U2 play this whole thing live, they will HAVE to utilise rotation, because, in my opinion, they have such a wealth of prior material that they cannot reasonably include all of HTDAAB without sacrificing other 'essential' numbers. Remember, U2 are playing for three distinct groups - the casual fans, the fanatics, and (let us not forget this) themselves.

I'm willing to say that we will see 6-9 HTDAAB songs a night, likely closer to the nine, and every song will be featured in some context. Only time will tell if we get an 11/11 album and I am somewhat doubtful of an 11/11+extras album, though Fast Cars could have some potential ... it's doubtful, but I won't say an absolute 'no' yet.
Needle_Chill said:
LAPOE will open...IMO

... Which would be lovely if this were a thread about openers, but it's a thread about whether the entire album will be played live or not.
Aardvark747 said:
Has ES been played live, anywhere up to now?:eyebrow:

Not yet, but that's no reason to believe it won't be played. The Sweetest Thing wasn't performed until the start of the Elevation Tour, although The Ground Beneath Her Feet appeared multiple times beforehand (much like The Hands That Built America has this time around).
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