Flight MH370 ?? What happened?

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Developing story:

CNN will struggle with viewers' respect as it leans more toward TMZ and supermarket tabloid territory :slant:
to me, these are the reasonable assumptions,

the plane went down in the ocean, everybody that was on-board is dead
finding a wreckage site is increasingly not likely

there are countless debris in the oceans, whole containers fall off of large transport ships all the time, not to mention crap that is just dumped out there when no one is looking, reports of sightings will yield nothing conclusive

however, many months from now on distant shores, pieces of drivers licenses, passports, credit cards, etc will wash up. when this happens (most) family members that are holding on to these crazy conspiracy theories will finally let go of them
Thanks for that - thoroughly enjoyed it, enough to finally pay for an Atlantic subscription that I'd let lapse.

If there is anything positive to be taken from the conclusion it's that the people on board died relatively peacefully.

Nevertheless the whole thing is appalling.
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