Favorite Shows As A Kid

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GirlsAloudFan said:
Did anyone mention Batman the motherfucking Animated series yet??? Wow that show kicked ass.


Fuck, cannot believe I forgot that.

I even used to have episodes on VHS - 2 for the Joker, 2 for the Riddler (in the maze!), the Two-Face 2-parter, the Penguin.

Probably one of the best animated series ever.
Dating myself here...
Looney Toons (Buggs Bunny, Porky Pig etc. etc.)
I Love Lucy
The Honeymooners
I Dream Of Jeannie
Get Smart
The Twilight Zone
The Outer Limits
Time Tunnel
Land Of The Giants
Star Trek
Johnny Quest
oh well, there's some at least
So I am going to have a nephew in a few months. I was wondering what shows I should get him on DVD. So what were your favorite shows as a kid?

I loved the X-Men and Spider-man shows of the 90's. Unfortunately neither are on DVD.
Yeah, I don't get that at all? Cartoon DVDs are a massive ripoff, though because they're trying to maximize on adults. Kids wouldn't want that stuff because it's from a past generation.

X-Men was probably the last cartoon I loved -- but only through Season 3, during which it all went downhill and mushy and extra cheesy. I don't understand why they didn't keep the good TV writers on board like Michael Edward Edens, who did a lot of Season 1 eps. Writers are never given their due!

I also loved Mighty Max
When I was 11, I loved "Garfield and Friends" hugely.
Before that, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe (first generation) and especially Transformers; when I saw the reruns, I realized how bad it was, though.
G.I. Joe, Transformers, and MASK
Maybe I was too young, but I always found Mask boring because nothing happened action-wise until the last 5 minutes of the show. I remember a young girl getting into mischief. I had a Mask lunchbox, though; I once spilled coca cola because I hadn't screwed tight my flask, and I could never get rid of the smell. :)
Hong Kong Phooey :love:

I'm so old I dont think anyone remembers that show :crack:

He used to jump into a file cabinet to change his outfit :cute:

FTW, DMP... FTW. :up: :D

Hong Kong Phooey :love:

I'm so old I dont think anyone remembers that show :crack:

He used to jump into a file cabinet to change his outfit :cute:


Blu sings: Hong Kong Phooey, number one super guy... :lol: Remeber the cat (his pet???), always laughing at him in the opening credits when he got stuck in the filing cabinet? Seriously, though - he was voiced by Scatman Crothers. How the Hell could old HKP not be :cool: ?
We didn't really watch a lot of television when we were little. We spent a lot of time outside and in the evenings my parents would have played or read with us.

I did like Button Moon and Rainbow but my favourite show was Neighbours closely followed by Casualty. I always wanted to be a doctor or nurse so I loved getting to stay up late on Saturdays to watch it. My Granny was in hospital a lot when I was little and I managed to obtain a massive haul of medical goodies from the staff on her ward. I even used to go dressed up in my doctor or nurse suit when I went to visit her too. :lol: :reject:
The Muppet Show-still one of the best written shows ever to be on Television

Bullwinkle-Peabody and Sherman should be a part of every kid's life

Underdog, Mighty Mouse, George of the Jungle
Tom and Jerry
Pink Panther

Punky Brewster
Beauty and The Beast (the real life series)
Family Matters
Scooby Doo! My brother would always try to eat a hot-dog the way Shaggy and Scooby did in less than three bites.
I used to watch a lot of different stuff when I was a kid.

WWF Wrestling
The Smurfs
Spider Man and His Amazing Friends (or something like that)
Bugs Bunny (they used to play new ones on the weekends)

I even used to watch Pac-Man. That show was awful though.
well now, as a kid and also as an early teen:

In no order:

My Two Dads
Knight Rider
Rod and Emu
Fraggle Rock
Sesame Street
Champion the Wonder Horse
Jame and the Magic Torch
Beverly Hills 90210
Home and Away
Any cartoon by Warner Bros
Rods Cartoon Time

gosh many others........Muppet Show.

sh*t like that, ya know?
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