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And these are the days
When our work has come asunder
And these are the days
When we look for something other

Midnight is where the day begins

the rockin edge said:

:shocked: 14 PAGES :faint:

i use etree, much easier than your own document

i now fear my list will pale in comparison to yours :tsk:

They're not all live shows, many are single files, or videos, or rips of cd singles. I think I have around 50 - 75 shows? Mostly Vertigo, but at least a couple of each of the other tours.
~BrightestStar~ said:

You know what? I think I really like U2 songs. :wink:

:lmao: That's the moral of the last few pages I guess!

Okay, on that note... I gotta go to sleepyland! :tongue: :wink:

Look at the time.. :yikes:

Good night all! :wave: :hug:
night zootles :wave:

~BrightestStar~ said:

Tre, cmon, spill the funny BD story!

the year is 2002, i lived in complete ignorance of who U2 were.
My Uncle got ATYCLB from the library and put it on in his room, i was in the next room on the computer. When Beautiful Day starts i say "i think i've heard this somewhere before, what band is that?" so he tells me...2 songs later on Elevation I ask "is this a greatest hits? i've heard all these before :confused: " after Walk On "are you sure this isn't a greatest hits? :angry: " he said he was sure and gave me the album to listen to then & i was hooked...duh:wink:
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the rockin edge said:
VP, that's a great list, esp the singles :drool:

i just have live shows:wink: i have recently gotten some concert dvds :drool: :drool: :drool:

If you want anything, just let me know!

Some DVDs would be nice. :wink: :drool:

The only problem is, my burner's not working :sad: so I'd have to send you the files...
^i'll look at the list some more :wink:

i love my burner :heart: maybe too much :lol:

^^^it took me another year and a half to come here :lol:

someone sent me an mp3 cd full of rare tracks once, i still haven't really organized it :tsk:

hi Wild :wave:
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^^571 bootlegs :faint: :faint: :bow:

~BrightestStar~ said:
Tre, it only took you a year?
I first heard BD when I was in gr 10 or 11..and didn't join until last year. :reject:
it was just in the months before HTDAAB that I started to go from casual fan to obsessed.:lol:

yeah, i don't remember why i signed up :shrug: but i wasn't a fanatic until mid 2004:wink:
Yay for U2 obsession :drool: :D

One of my mates always tells me I'm obsessed, but I defend myself by saying "well at least I'm not obsessed with some guy down the road and stalking him" :reject: lol!
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