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The Fly
Jan 5, 2004
hello father

hello son

you know father what is the point of religion?

that is a question that has many answers, you see religion is a guide on how to live one's life. it is meant to steer hedonist's in the right path. the bible is full of stories of rape and murder, of betrayal and indolence. it tells us that those who speak the truth often pay for it with their lives. such as john the baptist and jesus. the truth is usually ingongruous with how people live their lives. they do not actually find meaning for themselves and so they decieve themselves, they pretend that religion is the platform for litigation, that they can judge others who are different and who do not share their experiences. But religion is meant to unite people, not cause wars as it has in the past. and of course when I speak of religion I do not speak of any single or particuliar one. you see the actual definition of religion is; a set of beliefs that attempt to reconcile the spirit with a higher being in relationship to the physical universe. so if we apply that to everyday life many things actualy become religious, such as yoga and even music.

but how do we deal with those who only deal with animosity?

many people are narcissistic, they believe that altuism is spiritual cannibolism. they fail to realize that others may have been dealt a different hand. and their skin becomes thin, thin as silk, they tend to get offended by anyone who has a different message, the proprietors of depair I call them, they don't want anyone to be happy because they are not. but you can not live your life for others and the people who try to make everyone happy are always the least happy. to quote a secular source; A. Lincoln said " you can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time" and to alter this a bit to make my point in my sermons I say: " you can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you cannot please all of the people all of the time" some people are not going to like you, plain and simple. . . I some times make analogies that upset people, that is because they fail to see the message. . to read between the lines, nothing is clear cut, there are no absolutes and as many view points as stars in the sky, the idea is to learn to assimilate and accept them, not to judge, that is how one learns.

But how can you accept someone you do not agree with?

you start with accepting that everyone is unique, that everyone is no-one and no-one is everyone. . . that individuality is the prime motivating force amongst humans. Existence consists of three factors: Be--Do--Have. . . are you following me? you see you need to be someone to do something to have something. so when others do not accept people they are denying beingness to them. . . beingness of course being paramount of the three, it is the best way to demolish the spirits of others, so knowingly or not people deny beingness to others. . . usually because they have not accepted who they themselves are. but retaliation is not an option, it brings you down to their level and most of all it denies your own beingness. do you want to be the person who destroys others, who attempts to admonish and vacillate hatred? you see the elements of existence can also be rearranged to fit the cycle of action; which is start--change--stop. or create-maintain-destroy. and again to create is paramount. those that chose to destroy live a sad life, and do not try to infer on why they are that way, just turn the other cheek and say a prayer for them. grant them their beingnes, be benevolent with your interactions and in the end it will be you who will prevail. just remember that the most godly attribute one can attain is to create, every pious story begins with god creating, and although all his creations were not congenial with everything else, this was done to open your eyes, to look for good in what may appear to be bad. intrinsicaly we all are good, and if you look hard enough you will find something good in everyone, it might take awile, but you will find it!
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