Cleveland show MP3's, great quality!

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Cleveland Rocks!!!

Great show. This is probably the clearest guitar I've ever heard on a boot. you can hear every single note Edge plays. Damn....

Awesome bootleg.


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I don't have a cd burner yet and was wondering if anyone would burn this concert recording for me? I would send you the discs along with a self addressed stamp envelope for return. If yes, please email at with your address.


That is not a bad version of this recording considering it is an MP3. But you should try to get the original non-mp3 recording. It is alot clearer, you really can tell a difference.
This is one of the best live recording I've ever come across. Cheers.


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Thanks for the link olive. Anyone think that would leave these available for another 4 weeks? By that time, I'll be home and have access to my burner. I would like a copy of the original, though. If anyone has or knows where to find it, please please please email:, thanks a million.
Definitely one of the best shows I've ever downloaded. It feels like you are listening to an officially released live album! A must download for those who can do it.


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I'm not hearing much of anything when I dowload these. Anyone else have a problem with these mp3's??

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pvanort.. you have to change the filenames to .mp3. if you've already done that, then I can help you not.
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