Can they get an Oscar?

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Oct 2, 2001
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After noticing no noms for Elevation for the Golden Globes is it because the music has to be written specifically for the movie, and since it was on their CD it can't be nominated? Because Elevation should win song of the year at the Oscars. Are they going to get robbed of their Oscar? Well, since they now writing the music for the Scorse movie, next year then they can get an Oscar.
Hah, never thought Id disagree with someone about recognition U2 should get but I think U2 deserves all the Grammys they can take but when it comes to an Oscar "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge rules the Best Song from a Motion Picture and yes it does need to be "original and written specifically for the film" per the Academy.

Maybe next year U2 will qualify with the song they are reportedly writing for The Gangs of New York.
i'm still flaming mad that 'alex descends into hell for a bottle of milk/korova 1' didn't get an oscar for being in 'johnny mnemonic'!!
i'm still trying to figure out why 'mnemonic' itself didn't get an oscar-keanu reeves was fantastic!

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I have a newt named Oscar, but U2 can't have him.

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Originally posted by kobayashi:

i'm still trying to figure out why 'mnemonic' itself didn't get an oscar-keanu reeves was fantastic!




Fantastic and Keanu Reeves just don't go together.

Unless it were in something like "Wouldn't it be fantastic if Keanu Reeves stopped trying to act?"
Originally posted by Bonochick:
I have a newt named Oscar, but U2 can't have him.


come on, guys, you know lady marmalade is going to win the oscar.

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Speaking of U2 and Oscars, here is some trivia. In 1989 three U2 songs were initially qualified for nominations (ie. they weren't nominated yet, but they were in the selection from which the nominations were chosen). Those songs were Desire, Angel Of Harlem and When Love Comes To Town. But they were all disqualified! First on the grounds that they were performed on a record before a film's release (which is the reason Elevation isn't eligible). Then, the Academy said that the songs didn't contribute to the film's drama.

Anyway, the whole story can be read at

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