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Johnny Swallow

Bad Daddy Johnny
Aug 10, 2000
NW Arkansas
(This is not anything that really matters but it is of interest to those who spend half as much time here as I do.)

I just wanted to suggest that some new/extra ratings be established for the # of posts by each member. The Fly and the Fool are good but they are kind of lonely.

Suggestions for other ratings:
1)Go by chronological rating through U2's carrer. Starting at the begining and progressing with the # of posts. (I.E. Little Boy, War Child, Joshua, Rattled not Hummed, The Fly or Achtung Baby, Lemon or Zooropan, Popper or Mammy or Dead man, New Yorker)

2)Another UBB I have seen had a rating that was based on stars. From 1 to 5 stars and each came with a different title. Rookie, Member, Crazy Poster, Freak!, You have no life!.
(Kind of like me)

3)A system that made it so anyone with over 1050 posts could be a Moderator! (I am gerrymandering, I know!)

Well I think that little things to mix it up now and then are good. Elvis, 'Bubba, 'Bebe, and Spleeen, you are all doing a great job!

"The Critics are dead."
-Rock 'N' Roll
I am forced to concur... those little nicknames are quite fun!

I like the idea of people with over 1050 posts being moderators, too

Oooh! Just thought of some other possibilities: Dalton Brother (or maybe just Dalton, because there's lot's of ladies here), Mirrorball Man (though that's another gneder specific one), Popmartian

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Great idea SkeeK! I totally forgot the Daltons I say that we should also ask who is a guy/girl and add the title 'Stud' or 'Babe' underneath the post number title. Or we could go by Alton Dalton/Betty Dalton for the guy/girl status. What do you think 'Bebe?
Hey guys!

I agree with you, those post status ratings can be quite fun... I remember the thrill I got when I finally graduated to a Fly--Ofcourse, that was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back

Hmmmm... I'm thinking the 1050+ moderator thing could turn this forum into a dictatorship lol

I think this idea should be presented to The Big E (that's Elvis if you couldn't figure it out

We might as well go fer it!
Originally posted by Achtung_Bebe:
Hmmmm... I'm thinking the 1050+ moderator thing could turn this forum into a dictatorship lol


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I've thought about adding additional 'titles'... I'm thinking about it again now :)

As for the 1050+ mod. thing...That would be incredibly scary. I just did a search in the database of members above 1050, so.... hmm.. uhmm.. errr... 'I dunt tink so' :)

Definitely agree that it would be a good thing to have different names once certain numbers of posts are achieved. I mean, once you're a Fly, there's nowhere else you can go!

I'd love to be a Dalton Brother, a Popmartian, or even an "Elevator"!
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