Adam Clayton Autograph

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Mar 10, 2002
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Hi everyone, I’ve been a huge fan of Adam Clayton since I was 14, but it was only recently in the past few years that I actually picked up the bass guitar.

As I’m creating my adult “play room” I would really love to hang a picture of him on the wall. So I started thinking about maybe where can I find an autographed picture, and I’m really worried about fakes.

Would anyone have a suggestion on where would be a more reliable location to look for such a thing?

Thank You!

Honestly, fakes are everywhere. Some are better than others but it's really impossible to verify the authenticity of any signature (and a lot of the common eBay 'authenticators' are seemingly just shell companies placing a sticker on fakes). Other posters may know of more legitimate resellers but I don't trust any.

If you don't want to risk getting ripped off, my best advice would be either to bid the next time an auctioned piece comes around (which admittedly isn't often and won't be cheap), pay low $ for a re-print or obvious fake, or try to obtain one yourself!

I showed up a few hours early on a show day in 2018 outside MSG and Adam and Edge both walked the line signing for just about everyone. Adam is usually very generous to fans (especially if you're calm, respectful and polite). Good luck!!
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