Achtung U2 - the Achtung Baby Font -- FINALLY!

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Sep 18, 2012
I've posted this elsewhere in other U2 forums, but have been waiting for my membership here to be authenticated so I could share the love.

I've been a U2 fan since I was 13 (err, let me do the math... that was back in 1989, or so). Anyhow, I loved U2 before Achtung Baby and, in fact, wasn't really sure about the whole re-invented U2 that came about with Achtung. Needless to say, it didn't take long to come around to the new style of music. It now stands as one of my favorite all-time albums.

With the 20th anniversary of Achtung Baby, a lot of fans put together their own artwork for the CD covers of the Deluxe CD set, etc. However, something was always missing from the artwork...

After hunting high and low and finding nothing suitable—and after noting that a lot of people have been looking for something like this...

I have, for my fist post EVER, decided to make the following announcement:

Please note the following:
There is a .txt file within the zip file (see links below) that goes into much more detail on this font. Feel free to read it.
This is not a perfect font - nor is it nearly as comprehensive in its abilities as I would like. If U2 uses a font (and there's at least some evidence this is the case since exact characters are sometimes used in separate pieces of artwork), theirs is much more capable than mine. This was my first attempt ever at creating a font (let alone an open-type font which allows for ligature and contextual character replacement!), and I have no doubt some people could do better or even improve upon this one. That said, it's actually a really good font and I think most everyone will appreciate how accurate it is and appreciate it's capabilities.

Create and Enjoy!
Achtung U2 - font (
Achtung U2 - font (rapidshare)

Yes, I am accepting showerings of love, praise, and/or money! :wave:

I saw this over a @u2, and I gave it a shout out on PLEBA- I'm not registered on the @u2 boards, but now that you're here, thank you! Looks great!
Someone else mentioned elsewhere that the font worked fully in Open-Office, but I haven't verified that personally. At any rate, I suspect most people will use this font for graphic design items and not for word processing.

[quoted from forum]
By the way, there's a .txt document within the .zip file that explains this, but it's probably worth mentioning here:

The font only uses its basic characters within MS Word (and perhaps other word-processing software) because it doesn't have a digital signature--something that is required by Word in order to "safely" use Open-Type font features. However, InDesign, PhotoShop, and other design software should automatically use the full effects of the font--which actually makes a pretty big difference in how it all looks when everything is displayed--provided open-type/ligatures are enabled within the program. I believe most are enabled by default.


Does anyone have this font available anymore?
I really need it to create some U2 art with it.

please PM it to me, or send by mail -

Thank very much in advance.
I will send you personally the new wallpapers I will create :)´
Anyone has it that can upload it again, please? :wave:
Sorry... I don't get on the forum as much anymore, and I just got a notification that someone was asking about the font. I'm more than happy to share. Please PM me. (Please don't share it publicly.)

Dan (Fabiolous)
I saw this over a @u2, and I gave it a shout out on PLEBA- I'm not registered on the @u2 boards, but now that you're here, thank you! Looks great! I am a student and use this translation resource. I can recommend
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