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Oct 2, 2000
Just a little note on source code. Currently (correct me if I'm wrong), this is the source code for your ad banners:

<script src='http://ads.musicfans.com/ads.a/00405/ads.js'></script>

The problem comes into play when the stupid ad server isn't working right (ads.musicfans.com). The page takes forever to load! A possible solution would be to add tags that specify the ad banners' dimensions. Here is my solution, but it is untested:

<script height="60" width="468" src='http://ads.musicfans.com/ads.a/00405/ads.js'></script>

(Substitute "60" and "468" for the actual dimensions if they are different. That is the normal size of web banners, but I couldn't measure the size of your banners, because they refuse to come up currently.)

By specifying the dimensions, the web browsers will reserve space for the web banner, but will also load the rest of the page while we are waiting for that bastion of capitalism--the web banner--to load. In fixing this, you can also prevent traffic loss, as when one is stubbornly waiting for that ad banner to load before the rest of the page (as your source code currently is), people are more likely to go off to some other site than wait.

I am very critical of any advertising, but I can understand as to why you would need them to fund this site. Just thought I would give my two cents on how to make it easier for us site patrons.


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