3 Irishmen and a Dutchman Walk Into A Sphere - General Discussion Thread Part III

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leaving thursdays you dirty tricksters!!!

Also what do the GA wristbands look like because it would be amazing if I accidentally passed out 500-1000 of them that look similar just to annoy the GA crowd.
for real though, what would happen if like 10 other people said they're doing an official line? I know the problematic people usually get their way, but that's only against one other line nazi. If we throw 11 into the mix, who knows what happens.

roll the dice people, it's vegas.
I Google lensed that diamond bracelet, it's $56,000. I will trade my wristband from November for that.

I would love to see people form a second secret line at 1 am instead of 4 am. Good Lord it's ridiculous. I think I saw the woman who must be in charge of the secret line in the GA line back in November. I believe she actually had a megaphone 📣, maybe she borrowed it from Bono.
@clerks heading downstairs from his room to check…
I found the sphere but not the way the signs said. I think it’s blocked anyway but I walked up sands to find it. And found the 10 ga idiots in line.


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as we come to an end of the Sphere residency - i can't help but think back to the handful of members who were adamant that this was going to be a disaster - whether that was because of no Larry, or that Vegas was a joke for morally corrupt bootlicking rubes and the band would be seen as old and out of touch for doing this, or that the venue was going to be a disaster and never work.

it would be great to get a few opinions from that group now that we're done and the shows have been, by most accepted measurable standards, a huge success.

i know at least one such person did end up going after all... but it would be interesting to hear some perspectives now and see if they've changed their tune, and/or are ready to keep fuckin' that chicken to death.
I was nervous for them. They have such a good track record of making awesome stage shows, and they were clearly enamored enough with the venue technology to go for it, but it was still a high visibility thing and it would have sucked to see them make a mess of it. I was also a bit worried about B’s voice based on the handful of things we’d heard since they last toured.

Saw opening night and they just nailed it. They’d clearly rehearsed the hell out of the show, Bono sounded fine, and the visuals were fantastic. I’m so excited to catch it a second time Saturday night.
The band passed by Zoo Station last night.

All these pictures were nice to see. My friend who is there also sent me pictures of the Trabby at Zoo Station. All 4 of them signed it, with Bram making a very cute drum kit. The lowlight was seeing Bono writing "6 oclock in the morning your the last to hear the warning" :cry:

Thankfully there is room for him to add an apostrophe and the missing e, but someone needs to drag him back there. :p
When did they show last night? Those bastards showing w/o telling me.
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