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Sep 22, 2001
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Fuller is 'music industry leader'

Pop Idol creator Simon Fuller has been named the most influential person in the UK music business in a top 50 chart of the industry's key decision-makers. Fuller's Popstars colleague Simon Cowell also features high on the list published by industry magazine Music Week.

The top ten is made up largely of chief executives and managing directors of music labels, as well as the entertainment manager for the Asda supermarket chain. Broadcaster Jonathan Ross (38) and Daily Mirror gossip columnists the 3am Girls (50) were more familiar names in the top 50.

U2 singer Bono was the only artist to appear in the list, at number 11. He was included largely for his humanitarian efforts, which include a campaign to try and end Third World debt, rather than his band's music.

Simon Cowell, who become a household name as a Pop Idol judge after a career as an A&R man was at number six in the list.

Fuller, who runs the management company 19 Group, was the man behind enormously successful pop acts such as the Spice Girls and S Club 7 before creating Pop Idol. The ITV1 pop talent show, first aired in 2001, has created three pop stars, Will Young, Gareth Gates and Darius Danesh.

Run of success

Fuller recently became the first British music manager since The Beatles' Brian Epstein to hold the top three positions in the US singles chart. The man who steered the Spice Girls and S Club 7 to success was in charge of best-selling artists Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, together with the American Idol 2 Final 10. The Beatles, managed by Epstein, held the top five spots in 1964.

Since Fuller's 19 Entertainment firm began in 1985, he has had 96 number one singles and 79 top-placed albums in both the US and UK. He has managed the artists behind 358 top 40 singles and 224 top 40 albums in the two of the world's biggest music markets. He is reputed to be worth as much as ?90m, according to a recent Sunday Times Rich List.

Music Week, the UK music industry's trade magazine, compiled the list with the help of several music industry figures.
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