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Sep 10, 2001
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im a mum with two boys at the age of 20 i was 17 when i fell pregnant with my first.
i just want to know what you all think about young mums!!!!!!!!
do you think us young mums are to immature to raise children?
remember i am a young mum so please reply with respect :)
i think youg mums make good mums (but of course i am biased)we have alot more energy than say a older mother and i think we relate with are children better!!!!!
what are your thoughts?

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That's very hard to answer, because everybody is different. Some young women are very mature, others are not, and others again mature very quickly once the first baby arrives.

But, if pressed, I would say that the best parents I have seen around me are the ones who had their first around 25-30 years of age. Too early and they might not be up to the task, too late and they might become overprotective. But that's all very simplistic, and I don't think I can give a really good answer. I think most mothers think they had their kids at the perfect time, no matter how old they were.

It's all about what you do with it, I suppose.
hello poptart2001. old, young, somewhere in the middle? It's not age related at all imho. A matter of committment, effort, education, love, luck.It's an individual thing. One friend often refers to me having my children at a young age (I was 21 when I had my first)I don't think it was THAT young, but she does, so it's open to interpretation.
I have 3 boys, who I love more than anything... even the music of U2

So I just wanted to wish you well with your family.
Young mothers.... depends on if they are ready to have children or not. If they are then go for it!!!!!

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Like Klod said (
) some teens are too irresponsible for kids. But they tend to fit a stereotype in society, and its not that they are bad parents, just well...bad teens?
That being said, most with any sense who fall pregnant at a young age, grow up themselves very very quickly. They learn the responsibilty because they need to. Like you said, you have the energy required, and can relate in ways that an older person may not be able to.
I guess from an outsider's perspective it seems motherhood teaches you as you go, nothing can prepare you for it right? As long as you aren't a complete dimwit, you will become the good mother, regardless of age.

So no, I dont think teens/young adults make bad parents.

Pop, dont feel as though you should question it if thats what you are doing! Take a look at your kids, are they happy? That is your answer!
Yeah, I just wanted to add this one thing. If you are doing better than a lot of mothers your age, be proud of it, and show them how it's done!

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It all depends on the maturity level, as Klody said.

I myself had my first son at the age of 29 simply because I wanted to finish my education and be financially set.

I would have been a bit to immature to have any children at the age of 18, so I am just thankful I waited long enough.

Do you moms think about your kids all day as I do?? Sometimes I am at work and just can;t wait to kiss their pretty little faces.
Originally posted by Klodomir:
Yeah, I just wanted to add this one thing. If you are doing better than a lot of mothers your age, be proud of it, and show them how it's done!

I agree!!!

I'm 19, and I think I'd would have been too selfish at 17, 18...hell, I'd be too selfish still right be a mother. I enjoy my independence...well, apart from still living at home...and from being engaged...but I still do have tons of freedom that I most certainly would not have if I had children. I'm not sure if I will ever have any though...I'm pretty selfish by nature...
But maybe I'm still just immature, in that sense.

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Originally posted by bonovista:
Do you moms think about your kids all day as I do?? Sometimes I am at work and just can;t wait to kiss their pretty little faces.

Yes, I do!

I think it depends on the person. I would've been a lousy mother in my teens, I was much to selfish and unsettled. I was a much better parent waiting into my 30s, but I will give you the point that I am probably not nearly as energetic as you...

Each age has their benefits. I'm more settled and financially secure, devoted to family and all.

It's all depending on the person.

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A friend of mine got pregnant this year. We are in our senior year of high school and she is due on the DAY we graduate. I thought about what I would do in that position and I never really knew what I would do. She is keeping it. The more time goes by the more I am excited for her. I know she is responsible and a wonderful person. I can't wait to see the addition to the world.

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