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Aug 25, 2004
Looking for direction to perfection
This is an Irish magazine that is CEO'ed by Adam Harbinson, a guy that Bono has recently written a contribution for towards his new book. It's a marvelous magazine, I just subscribed and it was sent overseas to me here in the states within a week. It's not your usual Christian magaziene....check it out ---> www.faith4life.com (PS-there is a lovely pic of Bono on the site too!)
Hey! Adam Harbinson here. Glad you like the mag. Your biggest compliment is that 'it's not your usual Christian magazine' -- thanks.
:wave: Hey Adam! Yes, I truly love your magazine and what you're accomplishing with it. If Christianity is ever to have relevance in today's world we need to step out in Christ's love...rather than focusing on our own piety within the four walls of the church. :heart: Proverbs 31:8-9 :heart:

Keep up the wonderful work Adam, you've been an inspiration to me. :up:
Mr. Harbinson, you really do have an EXCELLENT website and a beautiful approach to Christianity. :wink:

God calls us to be FULLY ENGAGED with our world and to take up the burdens of others, whether near or far from us, as our own burdens.

God asks us to do this humbly in HIS NAME and for HIS GLORY. :up:

Like so many others here, I welcome your presence here anytime you would like to post directly with us. I think that kind of direct contact is a BLESSING FOR ALL.

I will continue to check out your website weekly and keep up with what y'all are doing IN THE NAME OF LOVE. :angel:

Take good care. - debbie

IT'S NOT WHAT YOU'RE DREAMING. IT'S WHAT YOU'RE GONNA DO....:hug: :bono: :heart: :heart: ;)
BostonAnne said:
:wave: Hi Adam! starsgoblue - you've convinced me that it's a must have magazine! I'll be checking into it. :)

:hug: BostonAnne :hug:

BostonAnne, I know your heart for social justic. This magazine would definetly be an empowering tool for you. I'd definetly encourage you to check into it. :heart:
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