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adrball said:
If we all sent them a mail/telephoned them pushing them for an update, do we think they'd respond?

Yes, with the same automated message we're already starting to come to know and love.
Well either the dates finalising is taking longer than they thought or the family illness has gotten even more serious (in that case, they'd probably cancel by now though, so hopefully it's not that).

Rocko Reedy posted on his website on April 7 he and his band are still opening in Hawaii, so...

I'm surprised Michael Coppel/Ted Fogel are soo quiet about the dates. Something's up, I can't imagine they really have no idea when the additional dates will be.
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That's what makes me worry - we haven't heard anything and the touring companies aren't willing to tell us anything....are they just holding out to make some money with our cash or is all still unwell in the U2 camp??? :scratch: :confused:
bono_man2002 said:

We would only get what Bono said on enough rope.

We already know the tour is going to be schduled in Novemberish...unless you have already booked a hotel for that March/April dates we have nothing to complain about.

Well if Bono said they are still coming on Aussie TV, surely they are coming.


BTW, How is The Edge's daughter doing?
Expect the announcement sometime in the next two weeks; can't offer any more details than that, but IMHO the information is very good. Stay tuned...
And now this from @u2.com:

-- @U2 reader Derek D. says he bumped into Edge Tuesday in the Little Tokyo section of Los Angeles and asked him about the postponed tour dates. Derek says Edge's reply was, "They're still working out some kinks in the scheduling, but it should be up soon."
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