Which song would you rather hear at a U2 concert - part 2

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Alright that last one wasn't close enough to be any fun, so I'm gonna make it a bit of a harder choice.

Running to Stand Still
With Or Without You

All this talk of WOWY losing something this tour, and RTSS is such a great song.. should they switch? They've been playing WOWY right after bullet anyway, and that's the ideal place for RTSS
Running to Stand Still


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mmmm.. now that's a tasty choice -

Well, off the top of my head - WOWY.

But RTSS would be fab with all the "Hallelujah's" like at the Sydney show.

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WOWY needs to go away and dream it all up again.
With or Without You

This is a damn near perfect song. I never get tired of it.

(I don't really like Running to Stand Still that much. Don't tell anyone.)

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Argh feck this one's hard.... erm maybe Runnning to Stand Still. It's so beautiful it deserves to be played. But I would be happy with either!
With or without you...

I love both songs, but theres just something specialy about WOWY that I cant get enough of.


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Hmm, tough choice...as you said.

Having seen WOWY at Indy, I'd be tempted to say RTSS...but in the end I think I'd still go with WOWY.

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Definitely, Running To Stand Still!

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electric guitar (rather than piano lead)Running to Stand Still.

I can live wihtout hearing With Or Without You on tour...
With or Without You

I'm probably the only person on this forum who hasn't heard it. They played it at every show except at Montreal 2nd. That's when I saw them.
I want WOWY!!
I think WOWY will be a U2 mainstay for pretty much all the shows they ever do. I'd like to hear RTSS, but not at the expense of WOWY.

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Running to Stand Still is still the bomb diggity. Oh yeah, I said bomb diggity. I meant it. Believe that!

Please repeat the message, it's the music that we choose.
I'd love RTSS, but WOWY is a staple, and, taking into consideration the other 20,000 people in the arena, I guess WOWY. If it was a show just for me, I'd pick RTSS.
Alright, this is a little hard to tally since some people were a little vague, but by my count it works out to...

RTSS: 12
WOWY: 13
This is not fair! I wanna hear them both! Say as much as you want about the so-called lost of emotions WOWY suffered, it is one of the best anthems U2 have ever written! And RTSS is also great. Especially with "Hallelujas" at the end.

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