Which member of U2 are you?

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I'm Bono
I am Adam!

In a way, I always knew I was, but without the drugs.

And just because I am Adam now, it does not mean that I am going to avoid beer!
i'm the edge, second time i got him in a u2 personality test hehee

great minds...

"Songs are the language of the spirit... the melodies are how you sing to God. It's a deep language. But they can't explain everything, because really great songs touch places that you can't explain." -Bono

U2 Take Me Higher

MPS: "Evil shouldn't look this good"

"The way I might look at you" ~Adam


~*Mona*~ LOVE me, give me SOUL

PLEBA: Saving heterosexuality, one woman at a time.

"What's good enough for Bono is good enough for me" ~Smooth Criminal

You give your life for rock n' roll
HA!! I always KNEW that I was like Bono!! I love that lil test. How in the world did you find it ??? It's awsome. Great fun and loads of laughs for those who thought they were most like one member of the band then find out they're like another!! My friends always said that bono and I could be the best of friends since we had a lot in common lol LONG LIVE THE BONOS OF THE WORLD!!! *scary thought...all these bonos running around and then we got the female bonos...ack! run away!! lol j/k*

Fear not... for I'll be watching you.

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