What should be the Elevation video.

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Jun 8, 2000
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Unlike some people, I really did enjoy the Tomb Raider video for Elevation, it was fun and great and cool. But U2.com has just released what would be a far better video for elevation, and without any sign of tomb raider..

It's pretty much an ad for the Elevation dvd, but it's got the entire elevation performance spliced with various scenes from all the concert, fly, streets, walk on, bullet... everything.

and it looks FUCKING SWEET!!

I think it would be awesome if VH1, MTV, MuchMusic and similar stations started playing this.
SkeeK dear, I?ve been trying to see this damn thing since this afternoon, but it just doesn?t work for me. Now I?m reinstalling QuickTime, wish me luck, LOL
Quicktime is a horrible application.. installing with it is so annoying. But when I finally got it working, it was almost worth it. I think they make it difficult on purpose to piss off windows users (it's made by apple, or at least distributed by them). Did you know their homepage crashes IE when I go there? blarg.

Anyway, I wish you luck getting QT to work, the teaser is great to tide over those who can't get the DVD yet.
That?s exactly my case SkeeK, I?m still to see the DVD. Btw, I just got to know that the Elevation Tour DVD will be released by Universal Brasil next month, so that we won?t have to import it paying immoral import fees. Now if I only had a DVD player...
They are worth it if you can afford, trust me. The greatness of DVDs goes far beyond simple awesome sound and picture.. you also get all the special features that are really cool, and you can learn a lot more about movies you really like.

In my opinion the difference between VHS and DVD is greater than that of cassette vs. Cds
Yes - the DVD is quite amazing. It surpasses anything I've ever seen. And DVD itself is so much better than VHS, not only for special features but just the quality. Everything is crisp and crystal clear. U2 rocks for choosing DVD.

What an amazing performance, "my oh my"


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