What is u2's Finest year?

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If you were pushed for your opinion on what was u2's finest ever year.....what answer would you give? Could be because of an album, a tour, or mibees something else. Nail it down to ONE year tho. I would have to say 1988 for R&H and the b-sides. It was a period i remember really enjoying being a u2 fan.
do you mean:
1. U2's best year
2. Your best year as a fan?

I loved 88 too.... I was 14 and had a passion that you only get as a teenager. But I was at the time hankering back to 87 ( I was not allowed to go to the concerts that year). and also worshipped the 83 U2.

But overall as a fan, my age, and U2 being on the top of their game I would say that 1991-93 takes the prize.. so 1992.
Hmm, hard to pin it down to a year.

my fave periods of being a U2 fan were 84-87, TUF-JT, incredibly intense period, incredible creativity, though I was a little young to fully appreciate it. I was about 11!

Or, 90-95, from when I heard Wild Irish Rose and Night and Day, up until Passengers. I liked Pop but was a little disapponted at the time. in 1991 I was 16, I had been a U2 fan for 6 years already but The Fly completely blew my head off, and still does every time i hear it, it;s my fave song of all time and helped shape my adolescence. Prior to that I got into U2 because my older bro had all their albums and I listened to all of them 1000's of times, but when The Fly came out, U2 became my band, not his! Then once the news of ZOO TV came out my world exploded, I went and saw it 15 times and my first trips abroad were going to see ZOO Tv, I recorded everything about it on Tv and still have about loads of old VHS Zoo Tv tapes from MTV that I still watch! Each time I see ZOO TV it blows me away as much as it did the first time, like The Fly. Don't even get me started on Achtung Baby, IMO the best allbum of all time by anybody.....

So I guess for me, because of ZOO TV, Achtung Baby and The Fly. It just has to be 1991!!!!!!!!!!!
This is really difficult because I only really discovered U2 2-3 years ago and i was only born in 1989 so i can't really make any first-hand comments about any of the eras except Vertigo to present...

If it comes down to years I've actually experienced as a fan I'd say 2006 because I got to see them in concert...

But if i got to choose from any year i'd say 1991- ZOO TV, Achtung Baby- I was blown away by the music and footage of that era...
What i'd give to witness all that first-hand...
Well the summer of 97 was the year I first got into them, so that'll always be special for me. But in terms of the bands overall career, I would have to say I really like the 88, 89 era. I just like the way that the band and the music were at this time. I suppose rose-tinted nostalgia plays a part but it just seems like such a classic period.
I was trying to think of a witty answer ie a year they didn't do jack shit, but really is there one? maybe 1994?

(just going off the top of my head, sorry if there should be one more obvious...but I don't think they had a dormant year in the 80s, did they?)
I was trying to think of a witty answer ie a year they didn't do jack shit, but really is there one? maybe 1994?

(just going off the top of my head, sorry if there should be one more obvious...but I don't think they had a dormant year in the 80s, did they?)

1994 was definitely their year, if only for Bono's Guy Fawkes facial hair.
The Sad Punk said:

1994 was definitely their year, if only for Bono's Guy Fawkes facial hair.


well my point is I don't think I could ever say they had an off year, I think each year they did something was strong in its own way

baaa baaa :sheepsmilie: baaaaa

You still had to do an effort to see U2 stuff (not like today with the internet with setlist parties or youtube)
The sheer thrill of searching all TV stations untill you see a glimpse of zoo tv in Lakeland on MTV or CNN.. Those were the days.
1987 -- the year the world discovered them. An incredible album, a great tour (by all accounts), three incredible singles all with B-sides that still hold up 20 years later. I don't say that out of nostalgia (I only got into them in 92) -- but for both quantity and quality, 1987 was the year.
U2's finest years

1. 1987
Is there really any debate? Biggest album, zenith of their career.
They've never been as popular or had as many hits. To this day, even if Achtung Baby is the hardcore U2 fan favorite, The JOshua Tree is the universal favorite. The tour was balls out as well.
2. 1992
Reworked their sound, trumped the Joshua Tree in everything but sales and chart hits, easily one of the greatest rock tours ever
3. 2001
Album sales, radio and TV play, return to the main of the mainstream, the tour was forever solidified after 9/11 but even prior was a huge success.
4. 1985
The high point of the early days Boy into October into War into UF, 1984 was really a boiling point. Live Aid though capped off the potential in 1985.
5. 1980
Got a major record deal, cut a record, toured the world for the first time.
As A Band , I would say 93 was their best year , ZOOTV was at the peak , and they still achieved to release a album during a tour

As a Fan , no contest 2006 for me
I loved 2000-2001. Hearing the short-song snippets before the album came out, wondering what the songs would sound like in their complete form....Magical moments. And then hearing Beautiful Day in full for the first time, wow! It's a soaring, joyful anthem that epitomizes everything I like about U2.

Plus, the Slane concerts, Notre Dame and all the post 911 stuff.....It's like they were the zeitgeist of the time.

And their concert at the Tacoma Dome that year was the best show I've ever seen. They were at the top of their game, and I liked the intimate stage setup so much better than Popmart in the cavernous Seattle Kingdome.
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Don't you think 2005 was also one hell of a year? U2 were everywhere in TV, press and Internet - the iPod thing, doing numerous TV shows & award ceremonies, being involved in Live 8, Bono's humanitarian work, AFRICA! AFRICA! AFRICA! etc. They've stayed relevant and accessible to young people, they've just released HTDAAB, which was a brilliant, award-grabbing & chart-topping record - praised by both critics & fans (well at least by those who don't post on interference :wink: ) Vertigo Tour was one of their biggest and best WORLD (yes, world, hello elevation tour) tours. It also was the most successful one. I'm surprised nobody have mentioned this year so far. Maybe it wasn't as important as 1987, 1992 or even 2000, but surely it was at least as great and exciting.
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