what 90's b-side would you like to hear in the tour?

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Dec 19, 2002
Santiago, Chile
and I say 90's... we already heard Spanish Eyes, Unchained Melody, She's A Mystery Girl, Satelite Of Love, etc...

I say...

LADY WITH THE SPINNING HEAD (Extended Dance Mix) :drool:

is the best version and it would be an amazing opener (I know it won't be, but imagine hearing that initial loop with the lights out, and just some flashes, with the light going full when the guitar part starts) :drool:

PS: b-sides from ATYCLB also count
But seriously, I think I'd have to say Happiness Is A Warm Gun or Salome.
Night and Day live would be fun....Mission Impossible...just imagine Bono and Edge leaving the stage for once!!!!
Adam and Larry under red and blue hued lights just POUNDING out that rhythm..I know it's not a b-side-sue me!!!
North and South of the River Live would be nice...it would be relevant to our red blue state situation....In the Name of the Father would make my day! or my night !!!! make that my life, I LOVE that song.
Sinead coming out of retirement on stage to duet with B-man on I'm Not Your baby would kill!!!
i'd love to see they play Where did it all go wrong, Flower child or Salome (just like in the Salome working-tapes...). But the greatest thing would be watch the band appearing in stage and playing Alex Descends into hell... Wow, such a beautiful image...:madspit:
I'll agree with Lady w/ Spinning Head, 2 Shots of Happy, Salome, and Mission: Impossible. I haven't heard the unreleased stuff so I can't comment on them. My fav might be Can't Help Falling in Love, but it's already had it's moment during Zoo TV. Any of the above would be awesome.

Big Girls Are Best anyone??:wink:
I like it, but that's almost too weird to imagine live!
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