WAR trading cards!!

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Mar 13, 2001
Can be found here

Here's an example:


All I can say to this is:

How tacky!

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Well, the Gulf War had it's share of tasteless merchandise in itself, so it's almost expected that with a war of this effect on the nation would have lots of merchandising.

My only war collectibles would have to be official Navy photos taken on Iwo Jima during World War II. Much more interesting and non-propagandistic than "Enduring Freedom" trading cards.


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I never knew about those type of cards. Tasteless, completely tasteless. And the web-site promoting that, oh boy! I can't wait for a promotion with those cards in my Corn Flakes.

To promote peace, we never saw better. I never played with GI Joe stuff or watched war-cartoons and my kids will never.

I don't know if I shall laugh or cry... mmmmm....

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I remember being 11 when the USA sent troops to Iraq. I think it was proset of topps that came out with a set of cards featuring weapons of mass destruction, world leaders in the Middle East and other places, and troops performing idle tasks. At the time I thought it was kinda cool, but now that I'm older I can see this as nothing more than a chance for greedy old rich men to exploit the deathes of thousands of innocent bystanders.
My mom has a few boxes of unopened Gulf War cards...she thought they might be worth somthing someday...

Personally I prefer my Goonies and Garbage Pail kids cards, hehehe.

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