Until the End of the World (Ready Player One Edit)

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Jun 11, 2003
So you grow up playing Nintendo's Donkey Kong, this carpenter trying to get to the girl despite the barrel throwing ape.. kind of funny and a whole lot of fun - in a barrel full of monkey's kind of way, if you like the idea of Japanese game developer's making bad puns. And then you get the Coleco Vision cartridge - as real as the real thing - the holy grail - no more quarters - and you try to come to terms with all the quarters you've flushed down the drain in the arcade. You try. You try like it's Yom Kippur. Then one day you look up and you're playing Mario Bros. on a Nintendo in your living room. You've died and gone to heaven. Same gameplay, but the carpenter has now changed occupations and is a plumber, sent into the sewer by Nintendo's executives to collect all those coins of yours - and now it's really funny.. and impressive. Pop culture making itself laugh. I felt that way about this song for Achtung, Baby (1991).. it's ironic and seriously funny and feels like it can warp jump worlds. I think a lot of players have the talent to play it, but I doubt many have much to really say about it. I thought the cover could be a serious attempt, with more sincerity than irony. It's kind of like trying to put the confetti back in the popper.. but, sincerity.. if you can fake that...

The video is nonsense, but maybe give it wide birth if you're susceptible to seizures.

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