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Aug 19, 2004
I have to scoot off to work now but I thought i'd start this thread and then join in tomorrow.

There's a story I have wanted to tell for yrs but haven't found a place to put it. It's a specific moment in my life when I felt that God personally intervened via a U2 song, and saved me from doing something foolish. This incident involved "Bad" and happened in the spring of 1985, when I had been a fan for 3 1/2 yrs already but was not yet a Christian--that would come 4 yrs later--and didn't until then begin tosee the spiritual aspects of the band's lyrics. Politcs, yes> Faith no. Funny, b/c I became a fan with "Gloria." But in retrospect, I can clearly see that God was already moving in my life in a big way, and indeed, in the opening stanzas of "Bad" was in the process of revealing His life plan for me. My personal "mission statement" as it were.

Now, I believe in miraculous occurrences. Sometimes it can be just a hunch you get, (like stories you read of people on 9/11 who just happened to be late for work and so missed being in the Towers that day), or looking up and seeing a wonderful sunset and having your soul at peace, or hearing a song in church, or running into a person that youhadn't seen in years and getting into a conversation that comforts you or making a freindship with someone extrordianary on a particular day you are feeling bummed out. I think we all do have guardian angels (even though I'm not Catholic). And God sees what we do and say, and maybe drops in in His own way. These are true moments of grace.

I really have to get off to work, so I can't tell this story now, but I've heard a lot of amazing u2 stories from people on Wire over the yrs. I know I'm not nuts, I have an ordinary life etc, (and I dance and have fun with U2 as much as anyone else; it;s just after this happened, I HAd to also take them seriously!)but I beleive in these things. I've often had hunches to open the Bible to a particlar verse and it explains EXACTLY what I'm going through at the moment. And that's a comfort.

So before I share this story (it's quite long, and "coming out" with it is a BIG deal for me) I'd like to hear from you guys, if you have any of your own. I alo hope it may help to comfort people who may be in need of it. I've seen some depressing stuff in the Confessionals thread these days.

I believe in miracles, esp if U2 is involved! Do you have any to share?

I was in Europe last March for a week after my Grandfather passed away in late February. While I was there I bought October in a quaint little used CD shop in Brussels, Belgium. Up until that point I had been pretty confused about what the last month had meant, watching my Grandfather die and then being flown off to this place which I had never been with a bunch of people from my school ( I'm 17). When I returned to the tour bus, I put October in my walkman and played it for the first time. Gloria! It was so beautiful! Tears came into my eyes as I played that song, looking out the window of the tour bus at the countryside on the way to France. All the emotion of the past month came out. To this day I'm not the same person I was, and that trip changed my life, that song (the whole CD) woke something up inside of me. Many people say they don't like October, but that CD was my salvation in a time of need. Everytime I hear it, I think of that trip, the French countryside, of my Grandfather, and of how U2 will always be there for me.

Great thread...
ooh, I like this thread. VERY well spoken, T! :)

U2 music has always affected me profoundly--also before I became a Christian--and then even moreso afterward. When ATYCLB came out, I was a bit underwhelmed to say the least. I just couldn't get into it for some reason (I was *very* hung up on their whole 90s stuff - AB, Pop, etc.).

Then 9/11 hit. Suddenly, that album, and Bono's lyrics in particular, transformed themselves and took on a WHOLE new meaning for me. I could NOT get enough of that album...I played it constantly. I cried a lot listening to it. I prayed a lot. The whole "second side" of the album: Peace on Earth, WILATW, Grace, and especially, New York, were now anthems of that fateful day to me. To this day, I cannot listen to them without recounting exactly where I was on 9/11 and the days following.

If there was ever a more moving souce of music for that particular time in the history of my life, I've yet to find it.

(btw, Needle...October is one of my favorites as well. SO amazing!)
This conversation definitely strikes a tone with me. U2's music played a big role in me realizing that I wanted and needed god again. Thanks to the search engine function, I was able to find a post I made about this subject a few years ago.

Back almost five years ago I went through a quite spiritually dark time and had basically degressed to an agnostic view on life. One night however..(and this is where the u2 comes in..lol) I was listening to a band I had just gotten interested in..and realized that their songs were really affecting me...and a good part of the reason was because they involved a relationship with God..something I thought I didn't care about anymore. Anyway, that night I cried and prayed repeatedly for God to reveal himself to me. Strangely, throughout that week, total strangers and acquaintances began asking me about my beliefs and sharing their faith with me. For example, I had one believer who I hadn't talked with before come up to me out of the blue and asked me if I went to church. All in all I counted 6 or 7 people who shared their faith with me unprompted. This week is still very vivid to me. I believe God answered my prayer that week and I am beyond grateful that he did...that he let me into his presence....

Man, I hadn't read that post in a few years. I'll admit that the seemingly spiritual bent of vertigo has me intrigued and excited. Maybe someone else out there, who avoids christian culture at most costs, will be touched the way I was seven years ago. In all honesty, I don't know where I would be right now if it hadn't been for that moment, that note, that skipped heartbeat.
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starsgoblue said:
Simply told...I walked into a U2 concert not believing in God and walked out crying and believing.

Stars, I just think that is the most awesome story. It doesn't give the the whole "rock n' roll is the devil's music" view much credibility.

Every one else, your stories were excellent too! I'll have to reach into my brain and think of one. I know its there.:hmm:
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I remember when my father died last year, I was in a little bedroom, then Kite came to my mind... that song will be part of my father´s dead always, that´s not a pretty history about U2 music
indigo tree said:

Stars, I just think that is the most awesome story. It doesn't give the the whole "rock n' roll is the devil's music" view much credibility.

Thanks Indigo!

Yeah, I had grown up around U2 my whole life since my mother was a fan. It just took me 22 years to finally see the crux of their spiritual side.

For the longest time I wanted to believe in God. I might get flamed here but a large reason for my resistance was most likely geographical. I think for the most part the American church is guilty of either it's own greed or it's irrelevance. God is among the poor and the needy--and most churchs have thier doors locked up with a deadbolt. I could accept the idea of God but it was religiousity, or man-made images of God, that I couldn't swallow. I had seen to many bad things done in God's name. I couldn't seem to find a balance between the two so I just threw my hands up and figured if there was a God we had killed Him a long time ago.

All that changed at that one particular concert. Seeing the bullfight of Until The End Of The World acted out on stage suddenly struck me. I could see the own dichotomy raging in my heart--the need to choose between darkness and light. Everyone always tends to villanize Judas, when you think about it how different was he from Peter, a man who denied Jesus three times and warmed his hands over the fire beside the Roman soldiers? There was one difference: Peter acknowledged his pride. It was then I realized that I had been arrogant in telling God I didn't need Him.

Bono paraphrased Psalm 116 at the intro to Streets. "What can I give back to God for the blessings he's poured out on me?" Tears sprang to my eyes at seeing this man, who I had always seen as larger than life, being humble and raising his hands in supplication. "I'll complete what I promised God I'd do, and I'll do it together with his people" It was then the house lights went on and I could see the thousands of fans around me. I was seeing them all in a new way, I was seeing them the way God did--as one of His own. I felt as though my heart had exploded with light. The sense of joy that suddenly washed over me was so powerful I felt as though I would be consumed if it continued.

Finally during the finale of "Walk On" everything just came to a sense of convergence. I can't tell you how many times I had heard this song before that night but it was only then that it's true meaning smacked me in the face and left a permament welt. "You're packing a suitcase for a place none of us has been," Bono sang, his eyes closed and face tilted upward. "A place that has to be believed to be seen." I began to cry like I would never stop. I believed. I believed with my whole heart. By the times the 'halleluiah's' came Bono had everyone singing along and I was singing them as loudly as I could...

People may look at me strangely when I tell them that U2 has changed my life. At times I know it might sound odd...but so many things changed for me after that concert. I felt I finally had the faith to believe there was things I could change in my life, the most dramatic being leaving an abusive boyfriend. I knew that me trying to run my own life wasn't working...but I could suddenly trust that He would provide. My outlook on life changed. I realized it was not enough to be morally convicted about things going on in the world, that you had to act upon those convictions. I finally felt I could do it! I found a church that enjoys "getting their hands dirty" and have developed my relationship to God and have worked with His people (the poor and the needy) locally and even worldwide helping AIDS orphans in Africa.

Bono has this beautiful vision of the world. By his faith and his perserverance, he is slowly bringing that world piece by piece into reality. I thank God for having him show me that one can accept God without having to sacrafice your humanity by succumbing to 'religion'. May sound radical to some...I just see it as a return to where the heart of Christianity once belonged. And all of this converged into being at a U2 concert!

Yes, I love U2...they will never be "just a band" to me. I truly believe thier music is from above and that the reason they have lasted as long as they have is because their music touches something in everyone. I think everyone-even non-believers, whether or not they realize it, connect with U2 because it addresses something in everyone's heart, the desire to relate to thier spirit. U2 has given me a wonderful gift. They've given me something I will never have to leave behind.... :heart:
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The U2 story

Great thread.

Well I have been raised up as a Christan all my life and accepteced Jesus early in life.

Well when I was in 9th grade I was listening to ALOT of to put if sofly "crap" limp bizkit , rap, ect. Well one day I came home and I thought I wish there was a Christan band that could talk about Jesus and NOT be lame about it. I knew that the stuff I was listening to was not good for my sprit nor my Faith. So one day I turned the channel to VH1 and saw this AWSOME video called ''Beautiful Day'' it changed my life. I had NEVER heard somthing this beautiful.. (no pun intended) I mean Bono's voice gave me a new hope, in life , in God, in my self. His voice(Bono's) was like God's voice if He was to become a rock star. I picked up ATYCLB and I was like "oh my sweet Lord" Then my sister had The Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum , she gave them to me. I remember that night I listend to it When I heard "mother of the disappered" I cried, at the beauty of the lyrics , and Bono's voice. I mean that song is soooooooo powerful that I can only listen to it maybe once every 2 months(seriously) I mean U2 changed my perception of the world , of Jesus and of myself. I thank God for this band and if I do not have the chance to meet Bono in this life I will meet Him in the next.

P.s and Bono is hot.:heart:
Nice ideas, JesusWalks. :wink:

For me, I feel a bit awkward sitting here testfying on how U2 has changed my life when actually it is GOD WORKING THROUGH U2 which changes lives! :yes:

All I can say as a U2 follower of some 23 years is that U2 didn't change my life - U2 AFFIRMED MY LIFE.

The thoughts, deeds and Faith that U2 has is the same that I have had. U2 did not "show me the way" - I was already on the path. :up:

But U2 gave me the inspiration to continue on the same path as they were on and we have been walking the same path now for 23 years and I have no plans of straying now!

Bono has been my personal barometer for all these years - I have learned A LOT form him as to how to integrate my social activism with my personal Faith. And he has been my mentor as how to reach out to others without judgement and with forgiveness and Love. :hug:

Bono has helped me to GROW IN GRACE and has helped to direct my way Home.


And, THANK YOU, BONO, for being an example for me of a life transformed by the HEALING POWER of the Almighty.


I always hold you close in my Heart.:angel:
stars, I never referred to your post - I was simply stating my own truth and journey. :wink:

Everyone is free to post what is in their hearts to say.

Where we get into problems is when we base our posts on what we think others are posting. That's where miscommunication occurs. :ohmy:

All God wants us to be is ourselves. And to be kind and forgiving with each other. :up:

And we all can use more practice in doing that....:hug:

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