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Oct 12, 2000
Corcaigh, Eire
October 07, 2001 - U2 tribute album released
Singers and bands from six independent music labels have joined forces for a new U2 tribute CD titled Even Better Than the Real Thing. The 15-song CD includes covers from nearly all of U2's entire career from "An Cat Dubh" up to "Discotheque," and features a variety of sounds from hard rock to soul and more. You can learn more about the CD at Sonikwire.com. It's available for pre-order at $10.

October 09, 2001 - PopMart Mexico City concert on MTV Europe
Where: MTV Europe
When: 10:30 pm

As part of an evening of U2 programming, MTV Europe will air the full 2.5 hour PopMart Mexico City concert.

October 13, 2001 - U2 on Tour: Leaving Nothing Behind
Where: MTV Europe
When: 3:30 pm ET

30-minute MTV special on the Elevation Tour includes interviews with the band and fans as well as concert footage from various shows on the current tour. Also includes a look back at the band's touring history. Hosted by John Norris.

Re-run: October 14, 2001 11:30 am ET

October 17, 2001 - Saturday Night Live with U2 performance (repeat)
Where: Comedy Central - USA
When: 11:30 pm ET

Comedy Central's syndicated airings of Saturday Night Live includes the Val Kilmer-hosted show from December, 2000, in which U2 performed two tracks: "Beautiful Day" and "Elevation."


thank you thank you thank you.

i didn't remember all this when follower first posted it. and i've been looking all over MTV Europe's teletext and TV guides to find it.
I love when Bono walks up to Val ands says, Come on baby...light my fire!

Also love the Behind the Music thingie they do on that SNL--especially Jim Morrison reincarnated as the little girl and she's singing the End.

-The Shitty Beatles? Are they any good?

-They suck!

-So it's not just a clever name...
my goodness catdubh. I haven't got time to check the link at the moment. I hope the tribute CD turns out to be good. Who are the singers/bands?
I haven't seen any of the elevation tour footage etc. all sounds good

I have to try and find someone with Austar to book the Boston concert for me at the end of November.
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