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Anyone with an extra single for the Feb 23rd show??? Can't even believe I am going to be able to attend. Arriving Thursday night around 10 so happy to meet in person day of show. Reach out directly if you can help ?
I have one GA for the Saturday 02/24 show. Friend had to bail so there are only two of us now. I do plan on lining up that AM so you may need too as well since I can’t transfer. You will have to at least come in with me I would think as well.

DM me
Any tickets been dropping these last 10 shows or so? I know we are down to 3.
Desperately seeking one or two GA for either 3/1 or 3/2. Long time U2 fan, had tickets in Red Zone for 2/19 but couldn't go due to family emergency.
Looking for any 2 tickets for tonight 3/02 - flight got changed due to high wind warning in Vegas so will still be in town unexpectedly!
FYI I pulled up GA tickets for march 1 3 times and it wouldn't let me buy them... and just now for tonight show... I hope going to other fans, but it's torure.
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