u2 best song survivor: boy round 10

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Paper Gods
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Jun 5, 2001
a vampire in the limousine
in this round, into the heart got the boot.

the votes:
twilight - 1
into the heart - 3
out of control - 1

this survivor is in many ways the same as previous survivors. you will be voting off your least favourite out of all songs listed. however, this will be done by email only. any votes made in here or by any other method will not be counted.

as for voting, please pick your least favourite out of the following list. when deciding your vote, please base it off the studio recording. no live songs are allowed (aside from two shots of happy, one shot of sad). if the song is a remix, it will be stated. otherwise, assume we are going off the original studio release.

the songs:
i will follow
an cat dubh
out of control
a day without me
another time, another place
the electric co.

please mail all votes to u2survivor@gmail.com - please put the round (or something similar) in the title of the email so i'll know which round you're voting for. that's the only requirement for the email. well, that and obviously i need to know what you want voted off! and this should go without saying, but only one email per person. if i find out someone is using multiple email addresses (and i can find out) in each round, all votes you submitted for the round will be null and void. if i see continued abuse, i will disqualify all your votes. i hope this won't happen though!

also, while i would prefer you not post in this thread to say what you voted, it's not forbidden or anything. i would just like the voting to stay as impartial as possible.
Oh god, this is extremely difficult. None of these songs deserve to be eliminated, really. I'd give them all 8/10 or higher in the song rating series.
I still find it amazing that the same band that recorded the Twilight demo went on to record Boy in such a short space of time. That's got to go down with War/UF and RAH/Achtung as one of U2's most dramatic changes.
Voted for Another Time, Another Place. It's a good song but all the others are really good to.
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