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Oct 22, 2004
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How reliable is Ticketmaster Mexico; should I be worried that the U2 dates aren't on it yet and that no on-sale time has been announced?
Even has not announced Mexico/SA dates:

" further dates are set to be confirmed for Mexico, South America and Japan. "
it has announced the first two onsale dates as this Wednesday, just no time.
11:00 am local time, (Chicago Time)

And how reliable Ticket Master Mexico is?

Well, so far I haven't heard of the system collapsing to any show, Stones, Madonna, McCartney etc. but..... this is U2!

So I think we will find out on wednesady how reliable it is. :(
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thanks for the info.... just to make it clear, have you heard any additional info about the Moneterrey date?
Seems the sale for the Monterrey show is postponed, I woudl imagine is because they don't want th system to colapse.

I will keep you informed when some new info appears.
Update this thread about when Monterrey tickets go on sale. I plan on logging on ticketmaster when they do, but I can't read spanish :|
I was advised by my sources in Monterrey that tickets for Monterrey will be going on sale next week! I'll post when I find out the exact date...

zoopop, you from san antone???

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