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Mar 13, 2005
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So, got my first confirmation email and had my CC charged for $1000 on 4/28 for two 103 level seats (1st round of fan club tix) but never got the follow up email letting me collect them. I emailed Ticketmaster and they say they have no record of the transaction and i should contact the seller (which is Ticketmaster…). Charge is still on the CC…

Any one else having this problem? God i hate this fucking company… :down:

Thanks guys.

I assume you have done the junk e-mail check so on and so forth.

I would try and get U2.com involved. The mods have been very helpful. Good luck.
So you got an email from Ticketstoday saying you've been fullfilled, got charged 1000 bucks to the CC, but the tickets never came?
You can also email their support via the website with your order number and should get a reply pretty quickly, but yeah, the Zootopia mods are worth a PM too.
If you bought them while logged into the Ticketmaster site, they should just be in your account, you didn't need to get any email about it. Boom they should have been there shortly thereafter. Talking about having to claim them through an email makes me unsure you're describing the situation completely.

Call Ticketmaster instead of emailing. Ask them to look at your account, then ask them exactly what info they'd need from the credit card company to trace the transaction. If you don't get a straight answer when you call, keep calling until you do.

Your credit card transaction would have some sort of ID number that should be directly traceable by Ticketmaster if you can provide it.

Contesting the charge with the credit card company should also force a reply from Ticketmaster. If they sold you something, they have to be able to prove they deivered it to someone.
BostonChuck - The presale tickets were a bit different. Tickets didn’t just show up on your account.
BostonChuck - The presale tickets were a bit different. Tickets didn’t just show up on your account.

First email came from Ticketstoday saying you were selected from lottery and what tickets you goy.

2nd email later from Ticketmaster with a link to "claim" your tickets which then put them into your TM account.
Yes, my bad, in looking back through all the emails I got, I see that getting tickets via the fan club "Request" process was different than TM Verified Fan.

Ticketmaster has a page about "Requests," apparently it's administered by s subsidiary.


We’re here to help. Email us at customerservice@ticketstoday.com. If you’re reaching out with questions about your request, make sure to have your receipt number, email and the last four numbers of the credit card used to submit your request.

If that's the email OP used to inquire and they happened to provide at least the last 4 numbers of the credit card, then I think Ticketstoday/TM should have beeen able to find the transaction. I believe you also had to log in during the request process, so there should be multiple ties between your account, your credit card, and the tickets.

Regardless of whether OP emailed Ticketstoday or Ticketmaster, it really shouldn't have been a big deal for them to either find the transaction or tell you what info they needed.

I spoke to a rep from MSG in New York last week because I wanted to find out if I would be able to use an iPad instead of a smartphone to display my tix and get in. She basically said it's too early to know what the procedure at the Sphere will be, but that if you show up at one of their existing open venues and there's a ticketing problem, if the person who bought the tickets is present, credit card and ID is all they need to do a workaround on the spot. Which means it's simply not a big deal to find a transaction and the tickets associated with it.

Ticketstoday also has a customer service phone number listed on its website:


I would give that a shot (or multiple shots) and I would definitely dispute the charge with the credit card company if you can do so. Save any emails and mske notes on any phone conversations your have with TT/TM so you can support your dispute.

They owe you either speedy tickets or a speedy refund.
Issue resolved thanks to the crew at U2.com. They weren’t entirely sure what happened, but i sent them the first email i got (first round of fan club tickets) and within a few hours the the second email (where you get the link to the tickets) showed up in my inbox. Crisis averted. Hopefully if anyone else has a similar issue this will help them resolve it.

Thanks for the help gang!
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