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Nov 17, 2000
Cherry Lane
I will taste The Sweetness
You don?t want me to
You say it?s not my time
But I will make it mine
I will make this promise
And break the last

I spent my life stumbling
Searching for the answers
I would find them and grasp them
Until they crumbled
And returned me to reality
Gasping for air

When I fall this time
I know it?s the last
I pull myself along
Crawling through the darkness
The moon and stars have died
Nothing is certain

Insecurity slashes my skin
I see the final answer
The answer that will not break
In the headlights
During the impact
I?m tasting The Sweetness

Trust In God...But Lock Your Doors
The song in my heart
I sing for you
the touch of your love
each day so new
For god sent me an angel
with hope so true
when i looked in her face
i only saw you

I love you Bonochick
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