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Hey I know how you feel on that one. I swear everyone thinks that nothing in Canada exists east of Montreal.

But do calm down, please. I'm sure she didn't mean anything by it. :(
:madspit: One time, I did a search for "the simple life" on yahoo and I received all sorts of websites where I could watch "real animals and real women!" (if you know what I mean).
PS: Are you now going to do that search yourself you sick ohs??:wink:
Watching that show last night I couldn't believe how freakin' dressed up she got to just go out into the backyard. Seeeeeriously. That was funny when that dog landed on it's ass at the bottom of the slide tho.. And Paris definitely could use some fried chicken from the farm land for her skinny butt.
This show is seriously worth watching.. just to laugh. omg they are so stupid its funny. I was almost in tears when they changed the sonic burger marquee ... 1/2 price anal weiner burgers :lol:
i keep missing this show. i think the hilton sisters are beautiful but i do agree they could stand to gain a couple of pounds. my friends keep trying to get me to watch the sex tape of paris, but i will not fold and watch it. :crazy:
you should try and watch it for sure...the Simple Life, not the sex tape :wink:

Its worth it just to watch the sheer stupidity of those two :yes:
my mother and i were going to watch it tonight because we wanted to see them in the sonic outfits, but we got suckered into Queer Eye instead! :up:
Northeast said:

hey buddy!
what do you mean it isn't real life, you have just insulted half the country. The next time you open your mouth to eat think about the farmers who grow that for you so when all you "oh so big important people in your corporate office" do your grocery shopping you can remember where that came from....or I guess all of us farmers are just growing pretend food in our pretend lives.

Whoa Sorry to have offended!!! Thank you DaveC for sticking up for me. I honestly never meant to offend anyone or the work anyone does!

For the record I dont think i'm some "oh so big important people in a corporate office." :down: I actually hate this corporate world.

anyway, i'm really sorry to have offended you. that wasn't my intention. I wasn't thinking.

p.s. ABEL, sorry also. I honestly didn't mean to take anyone down.
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I agree, this show is a hoot. I read an article in this week's People Magazine that some of the stuff they do is solely for the camera. Like filling up the milk bottles, they don't actually do that for customers, that was just for the cameras. Paris also said she knew what Walmart was, but she was just playing along with the show.
ABEL said:

i haven't seen the show to know what kind of country farm stuff you're talking about but what do you mean it isn't "real life"? i grew up on a farm in a small country town, where everyone knew everyone. when i was growing up, i think the population was around 6,'s around 8 or 9,000 now. and there are other smaller towns around the area where i grew up that are even smaller than population 12 :lol:

Where did you grow up? Here in Texas?
DaveC said:
Paris Hilton is quite possibly the hottest woman ever to walk the face of the Earth.


:drool: :combust:
:| don't see anything so very hot in her.
and i definitely have seen hotter:sexywink:
but it's a matter of opinion:D
haha ok i finally saw the 1st two episodes tonight. very very funny stuff. i have to admit they are doing more than i would ever do. :reject:
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