The next single off ATYCLB

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The Fly
Jun 29, 2001
If there could only be one more single off All That You Can't Leave Behind, which song would you choose?
Yep, When I Look At The World.

I know your garden's full
But is there sweetness at all?
In a Little While, but b/c Staind has a song that has close to the same title that is a hit, that makes it hard for them to release it IMO. You start thinking about Staind and their song and I'm sure some people will think U2 is copying or something just as stupid.

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Well, Muchmusic played a Kite video last night so I figure it must be Kite.

You give it all but I want more
Well, we have had Beautiful Day, Walk On, Stuck and Elevation... do you think there really will be another single? Well... if there is, I don't think it should be Kite. It's too special in my opinion to be 'radio-killed' so to speak. My vote goes for WILATW.

"It's no secret that our world is in darkness tonight..."

As I wander through a valley of sleepers, sky torn open with stars bleeding from its veins, pouring out onto nights black soaked curtain, and spread over mother natures scorched earth
According to a radio station in Toronto, Kite is the "latest release from ATYCLB."
Ummmm! Can't they do Kite/In A Little While like they did with Walk On/Stuck?

I would have picked In A Little While, but right now the whole world seems in a different mood so I'll go for KITE.

all this THAT

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I think Edge said in an interview Kite was "too slow" to be a single.

Personally, i think Kite deserves to be a single, as it is a very powerful song.
My second choice is In a little while.

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I think IALW has a good chance of doing very well as a single.. as great as Kite is, it's still in the same vein as Walk On and Stuck.. the slow,powerful rock ballad. People might get tired of that type of music from U2.. and if people like those previously mentioned songs, they might have already bought the album.. IALW will appeal to a different bunch of fans.
WILATW would be great. It's never been played live to my knowledge & it would be cool if they put it out after the tour ends. I think it would sound very fresh. Maybe a video as well..
In A Little While!

Great little hook, overall a very catchy tune. It has radio potential. Much as I hate to say, WILATW and Kite are just too slow for American radio.

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I know it might seem like it's connected to the Sept 11th thing, but I think they should release New York as the next single. It's got some groovy lyrics and a rocking chorus. Plus they could make a single mix or something similar to what they did for the POP singles. I think New York has the biggest potential to be a hit of anything that is left on ATYCLB. I think Kite, as Edge said, is too slow, In a Little While is too jangly of a tune and would have been better as a summer release and lets not even discuss Wild Honey.

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JJJ radio station in Australia must of thought Wild Honey was suitable enough to be played on air. Coz they did exactly that when All That You Can't Leave Behind was released.
KITE might be the best song on the album, but IMO I don't think it is a single. IN A LITTLE WHILE would be the best choice. I think it is unforunate that it was not released during the tour when they had the momentum although there could be another chapter if the album gets a lot of Grammy nominations.

Remember, last year's Grammy awards were only for the single Beautiful Day--the rest of the album was not eligible. I think what they did by flip-flopping the releases of WALK ON and Stuck In A Moment... in different countries was a mistake. Being that we all live in a global village, it created the feeling that both singles were out at the same time. I mean I got an email last week from announcing the European release of WALK ON and I am thinking I have been hearing this song on the radio for a year. Yes, I understand that the airplay was different in each country but it just seemed to me that STUCK and WALK ON were out as singles for a year with nothing new. I mean they played LENO last week and played WALK ON and I am thinking I thought STUCK was the U.S single. Anyway, it was a great performance, and WALK ON Is a better song anyway. Also, the U.S videos for WALK ON and STUCK were two of the worst videos I have ever seen. What's even worse is that they had European videos for WALK ON and STUCK that were great(the European STUCK video is one of the best videos I have ever seen). Bad marketing IMO. There is hope though; POP had 5 singles released:

Staring At The Sun
Last Night On Earth
If God Will Send His Angels

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