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Klaus said:

It only means that some people wanted to say to him that he is evil.

Maybe he is, but maybe he's just innocent and missunderstood

I am innocent :mac: and misunderstood and I'm not called The AntiChrist. --->Diamond IS evil. :evil:
80sU2isBest said:

Hello folks, I thought I'd drop in and see what's up today on Interference. I have said I wouldn't post much on Intereference anymore, and I haven't. But after reading this statement, I felt it is very important to address.

Melon, the anti-Christ will not be "big into the idea of born-again". How do I know that? Because being "born again" is absolutely necessary for a person to enter God's kingdom. Why would the Anti-Christ espouse an idea that would actually lead people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ? It is straight from the mouth of Jesus Christ himself. It describes the entire concept of being new creations in Christ. Read John 3:3-7:

3 Jesus replied, ?I assure you, unless you are born again, you can never see the Kingdom of God.?
4?What do you mean?? exclaimed Nicodemus. ?How can an old man go back into his mother?s womb and be born again??
5 Jesus replied, ?The truth is, no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and the Spirit. 6 Humans can reproduce only human life, but the Holy Spirit gives new life from heaven. 7So don?t be surprised at my statement that you must be born again.

It is also referred to again by Peter in 1 Peter 1:3

3 All honor to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for it is by his boundless mercy that God has given us the privilege of being born again. Now we live with a wonderful expectation because Jesus Christ rose again from the dead.

and in verse 23 of the same chapter:

For you have been born again. Your new life did not come from your earthly parents because the life they gave you will end in death. But this new life will last forever because it comes from the eternal, living word of God.

what are you, the anti-Christ? How do you know so much about him? I'm sorry, i never do get along with "Christian" explanations...what is important here is that non-christiansquite possibly do follow other leaders, like non-christian, power-hungry totalitarian benefactors, like Osama Bin Laden! (Son of Laden, if you know semetic tongues...) Obviously, 80sU2isBest, you have a poor understanding of achtung baby, zooropa-type lyrics and the inner workings of MacPhisto:mac: Maybe the torture of that post-rock style is still grating in your dense mind...:)?
ummm, I don't think personal attacks are called for...least of all in this forum. Please refrain. Thanks. :)
Well, I would feel honored by such a nice, innocent attack :lol:

"What are you, the Anti-Christ?"

Yeah baby, hell is round the corner! Don?t believe me? He?s waiting for you.

Sweet :)

But I agree, the racist stuff is a little disturbing. Now, who knows if this is the real DebbieSG...
What Melon was saying is that the Anti-Christ will be into the twisted meaningless tripe that Born Again has come to mean. I almost ahte that term now because of how abused and valueless it has become. People wanted a nice title to say how renewed and righteous they were so they dug theough scripturea nd found a passage with which to make a new Christianism. Now most people who aren't drones sneer at the term becuase of all the hypocrisy it ahs come to represent. We must be born again, but that is only one metaphor among many which Christ used. My big problem with a lot of my fellow Christians these days is that while many may be borna again they never grw up again. They stay solidly comfortably on milk and don't even think about moving on to solid food, which leaves them open to be pupets for what ever fundamentalist dogma that gets thrown their way. it's a very disturbing trend. The educated informed Christian is in the minority.

Well i guess not everybody who says he's born again really is.
(Of course i'm not the one who can decide who is born again and who not)

For me part of being born again is to get the spirit to and be able to feel/realize whats right and wrong and have the power to step into the right direction

I agree Klaus

As a side note (this will be a bit of a rant) this sort of thing is why I hate Christianisms. By making Born Again a catch phrase we have sullied the language of the Bible and made it valueless to a huge number of people. I say avoid using Christian terminology altogether when speakign to the unchurched. Christianisms only serve as communications barriers since the meaning they convey to us is very differeent from what they mean to the secular world. Out there they become meaningless slogans and are looked at with suspicion. Our job is to be transparent not opaque and Christianisms are opaque in speak.
Ok, i just used the words from above.
In easy words: not everyone who says he is a christian is a crhistian, not even everybody who thinks he is a crhistian is one ;-)

Because of that i think that the antichrist tries to fake the forms of christianity as good as possbile (but of course he will betray christian values)

Thats the reason why i think it will be someone who talks like a conservative and he will abuse the ideas of christianity. (Fighting/Bombing in the name of Jesus for example)


btw. it's nice that this thread is up again ;)
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